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SierraKomodo's PHP dev application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: SierraKomodo

Position Being Applied For (coder, mapper, spriter): PHP dev

Past Experiences/Knowledge: My current job of 3 years is as a PHP developer. Prior to that, I worked for a web hosting company. I run my own servers, and have contributed some things to Aurora already (Most known thing being the records page)

Examples of Past Work:

- http://aurorastation.org/r/records/ - Note, login system is down because Skull had me purge all the passwords until he gets a new login system setup.

- http://aurorastation.org/r/dofaxformat.php

- The randomly-generated images in my signature is a PHP script on my server, with the additional feature of directing to a different webpage depending on what picture is shown (If I set it up to do that)

Preferred Mode of Communication (Skype, Steam, etc.): Discord, Skype, Steam, in that order

Additional Comments: I accept payment in pizza and root beer.

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Application accepted, 02APR2016.

Assigned to work on reintroducing certain features from their own aurora WI beta (so to speak) that existed our /r/ domain. And to further the development of the WI with Arrow.

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