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Implantable Implants

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So, on a server I use to play ( I think it was tg code) robotics could make implants. 'Implants you say? Explain'

Basically, with a quick surgery ( and some R&D research) robotics can produce implants that affect you. There was a intergrated Medical HUD (eye implant) and Sec HUD. (Both were togglable) and a hand implant that would tighten the grip on what ever you were holding. Meaning, that crowbar wouldn't drop out of you hands when the gravity turned back in sudden, when you got up it would still be in your hand. This was toggleable using one of the black boxes at the top of the screen. It was a invaluable asset while being a sec officer or exploring space. One was a ( head implant) language translatier. ( didn't translate binary).

In conclusion it was just super useful stuff from R&D.

And I think it would be awesome to add this to the station.

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I was mulling over suggesting something like this. Being able to install implants into people like robotic arms that can store tools, eyes that are constantly protected from flashes, etc, would be really awesome and would make robotics more useful besides building cyborgs.

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Cough* Mechs *Cough

But yeah, robotics is extremely limited after they make the forever empty cyborg shell and the ripley. It would be awesome to have continued use throughout the round.

NOTE: For you LOL-NO people, implants are IC-Friendly. The Skrellians are known for producing implants for adaptive reasons.

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Agreed, make it happen.

Although for what it's worth, my experience as roboticist tends to be extremely stressful and swamped with demands. I'd like more endgame options, but i don't think the roboticist is lacking for things to do.

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