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Player Complaint: Farcry11

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Player Byond Key: Farcry11

Reason for complaint: Mainly, using LOOC to give orders to nuke ops after dying as one. Secondly for being a shoot-first, ask nothing murderboner. The whole round, the only nuke op I saw speak was Stein, who was off station. Every other sighting appeared to cause instant gunfire.



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Two things.

Firstly, giving players instructions over LOOC isn't necessarily bad. Using information gained as a ghost to help a player (i.e. "there's three players with rifles around the corner") is bad, but teaching them how to do a thing is not bad in itself. It feels to me like Farcry was trying to give BeeGee help regarding his situation and what he was to do in it personally (helping him with a judgement call), nothing else. If you can prove this was used to meta to some extent, then I'll consider it as an actual offense, but otherwise, I fail to see the issue here.

Secondly, Farcry didn't fire a single bullet before the arrival of the ERT. There was a ganking nuke ops early on (who killed a quartermaster), but they were talked to and the victim revived. Looking at the logs, I fail to find fault with Farcry's behavior, given that the moment the ERT comes on the station, you've got two heavily armed groups looking to kill the fuck out of each other, and unless the nuke ops managed to amass some leverage by then (hostages), that will likely lead to the entirety of the nuke ops dishing it out against the entirety of the station's armed forces + ERT. And that's fine - there was buildup to the situation, hopefully everyone that's throwing themselves at an armed opponent while having a weapon themselves understands the point of it is to have a fight, and noncombatants shouldn't end up being killed without reason.

Provide me proof that there was ganking (or at least more precise directives), and I'll look into that as well.

Edit: Looking at the logs, it also turns out that Farcry and BeeGee (the operative Farcry was giving instructions to) had been roleplaying together for most of the round, and the players had decided (semi-oocly, I guess) that it would be amusing for them to have some sort of suicide pact - Farcry's op, having committed suicide, wanted to see BeeGee join him in the same fate (I can assume they were in a similar situation, which left suicide as the only viable option for them). This is honestly more amusing than anything else, and mainly indicative of a player's wish to ensure the roleplay they had began with a friend does come to a satisfying end - definitely not anything I'd consider problematic or deserving of a punishment.

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What provides more RP potential? A Nuke Op that is captured alive, or a Nuke Op that takes their cyanide? The Nuke he was talking to was very close to getting captured, considering they were knocked out for a about a minute with only a bolted door to keep ERT from away him. They may have oocly agreed the suicide pact earlier on, but Farcrys insistance pushed the still-living Op to choose suicide over attempting to escape, or fight on. I don't know how close to death they were already, though. I still feel it was very meta-driven.

As to the ganking, I know I at least felt ganked when Farcrys Op opened fire on my borg, NG-X, the moment he saw me. There was also plasma in the air at the time, the shooting set off a plasma fire and continued to do so in the firefight that progressed down to the hall by the Vault. Unlike Secborgs, an Engiborg has only a flash to defend themselves and should be considered a non-combatant. There were two Ops when NG-X arrived so the borg was absolutely not going to rush in. My intent was to run away, but the ensuing plasma fire tripped firelocks and forced confrontation that I was trying to flee from without spreading the plasma fire. I'm not sure how plasma got into the atmo distribution. I suspect it was an Op, but I was still alive at that point and have no proof.

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You were an engineering borg? Hm. Then I'll wait for Farcry's explanation as to why he fired on you repeatedly, if there was one. That doesn't seem to make much sense to me.


What provides more RP potential? A Nuke Op that is captured alive, or a Nuke Op that takes their cyanide? The Nuke he was talking to was very close to getting captured, considering they were knocked out for a about a minute with only a bolted door to keep ERT from away him.

As for this, the cyanide pills exist for a reason. Suicide must be justified, but I feel like being about to be captured, and interrogated/tortured, before likely being executed anyway, and with another of your fellow operatives having already committed suicide, is more than enough justification to kill yourself.

Like yes, there's a lot of things people could do that would create even more roleplay, perhaps at the detriment of personal character choices or logic, but while we strive to find balance between fun and realism, at some point, as we say, the show must go on.

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I unloaded on the engineering Borg because it made repeated attempts to attack BeeGee and myself, including (if I remember correctly) dragging a welder fuel tank at us and igniting it while it was standing there with us- apparently as a sort of bombing technique abusing the borg's resistance to explosions. I shot at it, and then it chose to keep coming back, at which point I killed it. If you don't want to get hurt, don't engage the armed terrorists. And if you don't want to KEEP getting hurt, leave the area and don't come back (at least until they're dead.) No two ways about it. The Borg was given ample chance to escape multiple times, and it's only it's own fault that it stuck around and got killed as a result.

And yes, there was a bromance between the nuke ops, and something of an unofficial suicide pact. In this case, they had been caught in a pincer by ERT forces and, taking heavy fire, Red King (my Operative) swallowed his pill. He died next to his partner, BeeGee's Op (Azure Duke). It was a bad situation, and I'm pretty sure that, given the RP circumstances, BeeGee was going to take the pill anyway- I was just egging him on in LOOC as a sort of friendly ribbing. Hardly what I'd call giving instructions.

And no, there was no ganking. The only interactions I had with crewmembers up until that point was hostage taking, and none of the hostages were ever killed (though one died of a disease or rad poisoning while in our care.)

I'm sorry I didn't do the usual Nuke Op thing and mouth off over the radio, but I was trying to be at least somewhat stealthy and professional. I did quite a bit of what I'd call good RP that round, without having to announce myself over the intercoms and make grandiose speeches. That was Stein's job.

I apologize for ruining the end of your round, and I can see why you might think I was being a murderboner in this situation, but hopefully this clears things up a bit.

(P.S, next time you get killed, maybe calm down a bit and look at the situation from multiple points of view before posting a formal complaint calling someone a murderboner. Hugs and kisses.)

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I'm not even slightly mad that I got killed, it was a fun and frantic battle. The welder bomb was waaaay into the fight though. I'd taken a lot of shots by that point and multiple times I'd retreated and repaired up the armor damage before it became crippling. What got me killed was the explosion the Ops set off outside the Vault which destroyed the camera and prevented me opening any doors to get around them. I HAD to go back past you to get repairs, but I met an Op in maintenance who finished me off.

My first contact with Ops was when I met Belgian and Azure outside the Cargo office and was immediately fired upon. While an Engiborg should probably be considered a non-combatant, I'm not too concerned with the outcome of the fight. I managed to facewelder an Op to death who was on fire and kept dropping to the floor to put themselves out, and thus dropping their weapon. My only problem was with the meta communication. Using LOOC to instruct other Ops after you've died is very bad meta in my opinion, but if the admins disagree then I'm happy for that to be the end of it.

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My only problem was with the meta communication. Using LOOC to instruct other Ops after you've died is very bad meta in my opinion, but if the admins disagree then I'm happy for that to be the end of it.

I'd still like to hear more about the specific suicide situation - did Farcry actually communicate information he gained from being a ghost to the other (live) ops?

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If I may butt into this little situation, I played Stein this round and feel like I should share my side. While I can not say a lot since I was the camera man and flipping through all the helmet cams while giving my amazing speeches, I still think my part may be important. The few times I was on Farcry's character cam, that bot was there. While I did not see them come through cargo and shoot the bot, I did see multiple interactions between the pair. Listening to the comms during this, especially near the end when they set up the trap in the hallway with some bombs, it was obvious the pair planned to die together. Of course, I said nothing about this to the general public ((for obvious reasons)) nor did I try to talk either out of it since well...it was my plan to be the only survivor. Basically, what I can say is the pair were, by the sound of it on comms, planning on dying with each other.

As for giving me orders on LOOC, he was also telling me to kiss the doctor who I had taken and telling me other joke things. It was more friendly banter in my opinion, though staff may view it otherwise.

To sum it up:

Sounded like they were going to die together over comms on our channel.

He was mostly joking in my opinion

To Farcry:

Who need professionalism when you can make your own sick and twisted game show over the comms? Plus its safer to taunt in the shuttle.

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