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TES RP: Rescue

Guest Bokaza

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Contract: Rescue

Characters & Players:

  • Bjorn Pineshield (Bokaza)
  • Garvunn Sword-Breaker (nursiekitty)
  • Talen-Kai Andreeteus (Mofo1995)
  • Zahgorim Korunrock (hivefleetchicken)


Rules & guidelines:

Forum etiquette

  • Please, try to keep yourself active enough. For myself and other players. If someone doesn't post for a while, and seemed to lose too much interest, I will take control of their character and continue posting as long as players are interested in playing.
  • Stick to the character.
  • Post in (( )) if you want to write OOC. All non-bracketed posts should be either first person, or third person IC. You can write in past, future and/or future tense, on preference.
  • Try to minimize post clutter. The entire thing may take over hundred post to finish. Use spoilers, bookmarks, write speech in italics, bold when referencing other characters. Non-mandatory, write as you wish, but other players may be grateful. Again, and I stress this, be as creative in your writing and as detailed as you want. The size of the post is not the issue, it's readability.
  • Watch the spelling and grammar.
  • If you mess up, as a follow-up of the previous rule, edit, don't repost. Also, just notify with OOC quote marks. If it's not urgent. Likewise, if you notice a mistake with other people, you don't need to point it out directly. It's common courtesy, often ignored on the internet.
  • In the odd chance you get salty over damage, failed action or death, please don't derail the thread into a rant and discussion over mechanics. PM me directly and I will consider a void or a retcon.


Gameworld, IC rules & GMing

  • This is not TES V: Skyrim, so forget the mechanic limitations tied with the game. Conventional physics and logic apply, environment is destructible, all objects can be interacted with, potions don't stop instadeath, etc. Lore-defined specifics, such as racial bonuses, spell requirements and mana still apply. Feel free to refer to older installments of the game, but Skyrim overturns any potential conflicts.
  • Setting is 15 years from the events of TES V: Skyrim. Stormcloaks won the civil war only 5 years ago, which means Skyrim has been up in flames and hell for the better part of last 10 years. Things have changed.
  • You are free to assume and make statements about the alternative setting or abilities, as long as it makes sense when lore and logic are concerned.
  • This Skyrim is magnitudes larger than the game one. Bandit to civilian ratio isn't 20:1, it's 1:50.
  • When doing extreme risk-reward stuff, you either invoke my mercy or the mercy of the RNG gods. As long as your character is careful, I will show lenience.
  • Your character may die, which means no RP for you.
  • All GM destiny suggestions are optional and can be ignored. Upon agreeing with your first destiny suggestion, all further suggestions will involve similar questions.
  • You may talk freely with other players and do basic interactions without GM input. Simple actions, such as drinking from a cup and walking doesn't require GM input as long as the environment isn't effecting the action.
  • Destiny Events and Notes are meant to be hidden from other players, but are offered to those who wish to see them, will be hidden by a spoiler tag.
  • Have fun and don't take it too seriously.


Mead McMacefuck walks over a rocky road and trips over an exposed stone. Since he had forgotten to stow his mace, he falls facedown onto the steel head, potentially (bold for DM input request) bruising his own face. He screams in pain as he collides with the solid objects below. "Holy fuck*... by the Emperor's undergarment! It hurts!"

*Not representative of the dialog I expect from players

Upon seeing the Mead fall down, Bjorn McAsshole laughed loudly at the scene. He considered helping for a moment, but his need to laugh was stronger than him.
Mead McMacefuck not only falls down and bruises his face, but smashes his teeth and nose. Blood started gushing as he stood up. He saw Bjorn McAsshole laugh.

(Destiny Event - hidden as an actual spoiler)

You have always been somewhat clumsy. This, combined with your tendency to smash people's faces when they laugh at you for it has earned you the proud title of McFacefuck. You consider smashing the face of the small child Bjorn McAsshole, as you always have with no exception. But maybe, this isn't you anymore, or you simply want to laugh at the irony of getting your face smashed by your own mace. The choice is always up to you. As many as you can think of.

(You are free to ignore the note and carry on, however you please. I intend to minimize interaction with players, and limiting player choice and but I chose this system as an idea to... spice it up a bit.)

Mead glares at Bjorn, thinking for a moment, but then, seemingly out of nowhere shakes his head and starts screaming at the latter, spitting blood everywhere in the process. He takes his bloody mace off the ground and charges at the child swinging his mace wildly.



Your group has been travel for the better part of a week, from Whiterun to Falkreath. Uneventful. Although the road is plagued with bandits, none saw you as a tempting target. A stout nord, a giant war-painted orc and a well-armed argonian aren't a tempting target for road bandits. Still, you've seen many burned farmsteads along the path, most looked old, from the war. The entirety of Skyrim has seen a lot of looting as the war raged on, a consequence of a drawn out skirmishes turning into a total war. A few, however, looked more recent. Maybe work of bandits, or something more sinister.

Soon enough, when the spring sun was high in the sky and the nearby pine forests dancing in the cool breeze, you reach Falkreath. Just outside the hold's gate is a middle-aged Nord with brown hair and a beard, in nordic chainmail and a shield on his back, not styling the Falkreath's heraldry. A steel helmet is swinging from his hip, tied with a rope as well as a steel sword. He raises his hand to get your attention and you approach him. He says, smiling at Garvunn, "I am Bjorn Pineshield, a Housecarl of Thane Silver-Stag." He looks at Talen-Kai and Zahgorim, his smile disappearing, "And you must be the three companions I'm supposed to meet." Afterwards, he places his hands on his belt, waiting for their introductions.

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Talen-Kai Andreeteus was just off to the side, stooping over to pick up some flowers at the time of the introductions. Dangling from his side over his robe is a satchel filled with flowers, plants, and two dead butterflies which he's collecting during the long journey. Most of which have withered due to the length of the trip. Lowering the hood of his robe to appear more personable, he warmly introduces himself.

The name isss Talen-kai Andreeteusss, we're here for the hagravensss and to ressscue a thane'ss daughter.

He draws back his scaly lips, revealing his sharp teeth in a wide reptilian smile.

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Garvunn nods sharply, adjusting a heavy knapsack over his shoulder. "Sorry 'bout any confusion." He scanned the man, noticing his unease in regards to the other two and stepped forward, bulky armor clanking with every movement. "I'm Garvunn. Talen, m'self, and the orc here are all companions." He glanced at Zahgorim, making sure he wasn't far behind.

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Zahgorim trails slightly behind as he attempts to examine the hold to the best of his abilities from his side of the gate. "An Imperial town," he states in a sulky tone, mostly to himself. "Was one during the war, at least."

As he stares down the gate, Zahgorim calls out to the housecarl. "Say, what's the pay for a bear pelt here?" He'd mutter to himself, "If you have any merchants, that is."

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The town was bustling in activity, an opposite to the rest of the hold. The towns population seems to have swelled as the population from the countryside and migrants retreated to the safety of the hold, as a result, the town has grown considerably. It's ironic, really, that despite its ties with Arkay, it being a renown graveyard town, it seems like one of the liveliest towns in skyrim. As for Zahgorim, he would immeditely notice that there are a good number of guards at the gate post, and most of them are looking at them. This would likely be a town that doesn't tolerate troublemakers.

Bjorn would nod, "Aye, as I said, I assumed so. Most folks that use this road are either very brave, bandits or stupid, and I know ye'r not the latter two. Your Harbinger has sent a message ahead of you..."

He stops as he's interupted by Zahgorim and shouts at him, "I don't know. If ye'r here to hunt bears, I suggest you hold it, because the your boss has work for you." He turns back to Garvunn and Talen, "Apparently, she suggested you investigate some more before we head off to the Coven, because how it happened has been strange, to say the least." He scratched his head and continued, "A group of bummholes in black robes just... took her off the street when she was returning home. How that happened in the middle of the town, I have no sodding clue. People being more tight-lipped than usual. For this information alone I had to beat a local begger, even after givin' him ten gold pieces. He said they threatened to kill him if he spoke, which hasn't happened yet." He chuckled at the last bit, then added, "I've tracked them with a local hunter. They went north of the town, to an area known to have a Hagsister Coven. So, aye, it's pretty obvious they did it. Regardless, ye'r welcome to search for more clues and ask around, for all the good it will do, or we can head for the Coven shortly."

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Talen-kai looks to Zahgorim and Garvunn and speaks, " I could try my hand at invessstigating for cluess, and I want to resst for the night. Besssidess, I want to sssee what I can do with these herbss." With that, he looks to the housecarl and asks, " Where iss the nearesst inn?"

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Bjorn nods and points towards the gate, "Yes, there are several. The closest one is the ol' Dead Man's Drink. It's just on the left past the gate, you can't miss it." He turns to Zahgorim, "You may as well go hunt for bears, orc. If you folk intend to stay for the night first. Hjata should be in no immediate danger although I'm sure ol' Silver-Stag would prefer it done it as soon as possible."


You likely picked up many Mountain Flowers of red, blue and purple variety, useful for magicka, stamina and health potions respectively, as well as a combination of other herbs such as Frost Mirriam and wide assortment of common herbs that may produce needed results in combination with the former ones.

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Garvunn switched his gaze from Zahgorim to Bjorn, gazing past him into the lively city. "Restin' for the night sounds good. We'll head out when mornin' rolls around." Whether it was unease or distrust coming from Bjorn, Garvunn was eager to avoid conflict. He was hoping it wouldn't come anything serious. "I'll go with Zahgorim and see if we can't replenish some of our supplies. We can meet up again we the sun rises before we get moving." He adjusted his satchel again, hoping to fill it with more potions and food before the night.

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Bjorn bows shortly and says, "I will see you at the inn, then, in the morning.", then heads off, his helmet dangling on his hip with the ringing of chainmail. As he's leaving, he turns and shouts, "Ohh... and if you need anything, feel free to come by the Silver-Stag's home, I'm sure the Thane would like to take you in, even for the night. It's a large home with antlers above the doorway, in the middle of the village." He waves again and continues on his merry way into the town.


The city was still lively, nothing seems to be exploding, burning or people butchering and kidnapping on the street, just commoners doing their daily choirs. If he's telling the truth, the kidnapping itself likely happened during the night.

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Talen-Kai, after being appropriately pointed to the Dead Man's Drink, goes to procure a room in anticipation of the coming night, and in order to set up his modest alchemy operation, a mortar and pestle and some water to make reagents drinkable. Realizing that he forgot his bottles for potions back at Jorrvaskr, he will order three bottles of ale after seeing about the price of a room, one for himself and the other two for his companions when they get back.

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Zaghorim guffaws rudely at Garvunn's attempt to come onto him and instead begins to march towards the other end of the town, calling out, "We didn't come here to stop, we came here for a direction. We have our direction," He'd point North of the town in the direction of Hagsister Cavern. "Resting will only give them another day to prepare for our arrival, and drag this out. Not smart."

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Talen-kai marches ahead, not waiting for an answer and enters the Inn.

Zaghorim starts marching West, towards the end of the town. As he goes past the town gate, the guards laugh quietly at the marching orc.

Garvunn follows him inside the town gate, at least.


You think to yourself, it may not be best to rely on Zaghorim for any intellectual guidance, even though he's somewhat right. Striking sooner rather than later may be smart. Preparation or rest is an option, then strike at night or morning, or you can get Talen-Kai before he buys room and rush ahead to the Coven.



As you enter the inn, you find it somewhat full of patrons, but not too many. You greet the fat Nord Innkeeper and attempt to arrange a price for mead and a room. He offers you 3 bottles of mead for 2 gold pieces each, and a room for 10. Much above the usual price.

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He looked on incredulously as Zahgorim marched off before he had the chance to speak. Shaking his head, he headed to the inn and resolved to speak with Talen-Kei about heading out by night. Bjorn would have to be told as well. All these problems because of a damn orc. He stepped in to see Talen-Kei trying to bargain with the innkeeper. He came closer to his companion and lowered his voice, not wanting the innkeeper to overhear. "Zahgorim's gone on without us."

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"You ssshould give me a dissscount becausse-"

Talen-kai heard the news from Garvunn and turns to face him surprised. Not wanting to make the innkeeper think there's something amiss, and certainly not willing to go marching on after the long trek here, Taken attempted to continue the Avenue of haggling for a room.

"Ah, Garvunn, good of you to find the inn. Could you let your fellow Nord here know he isss acting like an Imperial with hisss pricssing? Hisss sskin growss more Cccyrodilic by the moment, the way he bargainsss!"

Talen-Kai follows this up with a toothy smile and a laugh at the innkeeper, to try and lighten his jest.

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"Three, actually. That discount would do us a great bit o' good." He shares another glance with Talen-Kei, dropping his voice once more. "Once we get our bearings, we can head out to meet him once it gets dark. I'll inform Bjorn." He grins at the innkeeper. "While we're here, you wouldn't mind givin' directions to Silver-Stag's home, would you?"
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"Silver-Stag? What would you do at the old man's home?" He shakes his head, "Nevermind, I don't want to know. I'll give you a eight gold per room, and mead on the house." He adds afterwards, " It's in the middle of the town, right at the intersection that leads to the old ruined Chapel of Arkay. Say hello to the old man for me, and my sympathies for his daughter."
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You've got yourssself a deal, innkeeper. I'll be in my room.

Talen-Kai goes to his room with a couple bottles of mead, drinks one, and pours the other out in order to get two empty bottles. Pulling out his mortar and pestle, he elects to try and make potions of fatigue to regain some energy from the travels for the two party members who seemed worn out. Since he only has two bottles to work with, he'll try to make himself one and drink it, then try to make one for Gavrunn, and a potion of health for the coming fight.

I guessss Zaghorim wasssn't tired. He mutters to himself as he gets to work.

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Garvunn nods appreciatively to the innkeeper and heads back out, making his way towards the manor in the middle of town. Priorities had to be set, and he could get supplies for the trip back when him and his companions had completed their contract. Stopping in front of the door, he hesitated, considering the possibility that Bjorn could be elsewhere. Not having much else to go on, he knocked on the manor's door and hoped for the best.

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You successfully produce more than enough for a few bottles each. You ask yourself if you should discard the overflow or maybe find more bottles to hold it.


A young nord woman opens the door, and greets him and inspects his outfit, "Greetings, warrior. What do you need?"

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The temptation to drink begins to creep on on Talen-kai.

" I did not know I would have ssso many ingredientsss... perhaps three more drinksss would not hurt."

After licking his scaley lips, he thinks about his companions, and decides it would be too much of a let down for his team to start drinking... until the job is done that is. He'll take a walk around the tavern to get as many empty bottles as he can to collect the excess. Hagraven's are bitches, and it would be better to be prepared than not.

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Talen-kai walked around the inn, collecting empty bottles while the patrons glared at him. They didn't react other than that.


You took a load of bottles, best not tell the innkeeper you will be taking any. You reckon you will have enough for 2 more stamina potions and 1 more health potion. You consider you could dilute the liquid with water or mead, allowing you to make even more potions but with less intensity, for longer time. storing it in extra bottles. Basically, turn them into the diluted garbage that store owners call weak potions.

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