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TES RP: Necromancers

Guest Bokaza

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Contract: Necromancer Threat

Characters & Players:

  • Abelard Richter (coolbc2000)
  • Nilieril Lysur (YouJustGotOwened)
  • Sorarne Shield-less (Lord Lag)
  • Ervas (Skull132)
  • Amartius Vantinius (1138)


Rules & guidelines:

Forum etiquette

  • Please, try to keep yourself active enough. For myself and other players. If someone doesn't post for a while, and had lost, I will take indefinite control of their character and continue posting as long as players are interested in playing.
  • Stick to the character.
  • Post in (( )) if you want to write OOC. All non-bracketed posts should be either first person, or third person IC. You can write in past, future and/or future tense, on preference.
  • Try to minimize post clutter. The entire thing may take over hundred posts to finish. Use spoilers, bookmarks, write speech in italics, bold for when referencing other characters. Non-mandatory, write as you wish, but other players may be grateful. Again, and I stress this, be as creative in your writing and as detailed as you want. The size of the post is not the issue, it's readability.
  • Watch the spelling and grammar.
  • If you mess up, as a follow-up of the previous rule, edit, don't repost or just notify with OOC quote marks in your next post, if it's not important. Likewise, if you notice a mistake with other people, you don't need to point it out directly. It's common courtesy, often ignored on the internet.
  • In the odd chance you get salty over damage, failed action or death, please don't derail the thread into a rant and discussion over mechanics. PM me directly and I will consider a void or a retcon.


Gameworld, IC rules & GMing

  • This is not TES V: Skyrim, so forget the mechanic limitations tied with the game. Conventional physics and logic apply, environment is destructible, all objects can be interacted with, potions need not stop instadeath, etc. Lore-defined specifics, such as racial bonuses, spell requirements and mana still apply. Feel free to refer to older installments of the game, but Skyrim overturnes any potential conflicts.
  • Setting is 15 years from the events of TES V: Skyrim. Stormcloaks won the civil war only 5 years ago, which means Skyrim has been up in flames and hell for the better part of last 10 years. Things have changed.
  • You are free to assume and make statements about the alternative setting or abilities, as long as it makes sense when lore and logic are concerned.
  • This Skyrim is magnitudes larger than the game one. Bandit to civilian ratio isn't 20:1, it's 1:50.
  • When doing extreme risk-reward stuff, you either invoke my mercy or the mercy of the RNG gods. As long as your character is careful, I will show lenience.
  • Your character may die, which means no RP for you.
  • All GM destiny suggestions are optional and can be ignored. Upon agreeing with your first destiny suggestion, all further suggestions will involve similar questions.
  • You may talk freely with other players and do basic interactions without GM input. Simple actions, such as drinking from a cup and walking doesn't require any GM oversight as long as the environment isn't effecting the action (an NPC or laws of probability aren't directly trying to stop).
  • Destiny Events and Notes are meant to be hidden from other players, but are offered to those who wish to see them, will be hidden by a spoiler tag.
  • Have fun and don't take it too seriously.


Mead McMacefuck walks over a rocky road and trips over an exposed stone. Since he had forgotten to stow his mace, he falls face-down onto the steel head, potentially (bold for DM input request) bruising his own face. He screams in pain as he collides with the solid objects below. "Holy fuck*... by the Emperor's undergarment! It hurts!"

*Not representative of the dialog I expect from players

Upon seeing the Mead fall down, Bjorn McAsshole laughed loudly at the scene. He considered helping for a moment, but his need to laugh was stronger than him.
Mead McMacefuck not only falls down and bruises his face, but smashes his teeth and nose. Blood started gushing as he stood up. He saw Bjorn McAsshole laugh.

(Destiny Event - hidden as an actual spoiler)

You have always been somewhat clumsy. This, combined with your tendency to smash people's faces when they laugh at you for it has earned you the proud title of McFacefuck. You consider smashing the face of the small child Bjorn McAsshole, as you always have with no exception. But maybe, this isn't you anymore, or you simply want to laugh at the irony of getting your face smashed by your own mace. The choice is always up to you. Any you can think of.

(You are free to ignore the note and carry on however you please. I intend to minimize interaction with players, and limiting player choice and but I chose this system as an idea to... spice it up a bit.)

Mead glares at Bjorn, thinking for a moment, but then, seemingly out of nowhere shakes his head and starts screaming at the latter, spitting blood everywhere in the process. He takes his bloody mace off the ground and charges at the child swinging his mace wildly.



Your group has arrived at Riften, the most south-eastern city in Skyrim. It used to be a city, at least, now it is a glorified town, in ruins and disrepair. Formerly a rich hold, in a strategic location, Riften has been taken and lost three times by the imperials during the war, each time damaging it more. Furthermore, the Stormcloaks, didn't mind 'cleaning' the town of imperial spies every time, mostly targeting non-nords. Random violence and executions, weren't that uncommon. Some people had enough and left, some perished in the violence, leaving Riften as a shadow of its former self. In one of those cleanups, the Stormcloaks went into the sewers. There, they found a thriving criminal underworld, great treasures and last but not least, a list of names. The criminal-economic empire of the Black-Briars was destroyed, and likely they themselves, like those they used to use, perished in the war.

With the Thieves Guild gone and war far behind, Riften is finally starting to recover. Yet, some of the tensions remain. You can feel it in the air, alongside the smell of fish and sewers. Being caught in a light, midday, often long spring rain that is typical for the Rift, you consider your options: You have time to do business here before you head for the necromancer lair, further to the east. Or you can head out immediately, through the rain. A good idea would be to ask around the court about the necromancers, or the locals if they know anything, or simply restock on supplies at the market. As with any action, preparation and knowledge are keys to a flawless victory.

((Pick what you want to do, you don't need to spend thirty posts discussing it, lots of shit to find here, you just need to know where to look, alone or with someone else))

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Sorarne looked up at the drizzle, grinning behind the helmet, before returning his gaze down to look at each of his shield-siblings

"As much as I would love to, I am not sure if just assaulting the necromancers head on is the smartest plan this time." He began, resting a hand on his mace's pommel.

"Resupply may be best, get that out of the way, but i would prefer we acted quickly. Rain is good cover, even when its light. Though having said that, it looks like it will last a good while yet." He finished, eyeing the city.

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Uninterested with the banter of the party, Amartius took it upon himself to gather information from the local merchants in the town square. Having done business with some of the merchants before during his time as a freelancer, he would attempt to greet and inquire in regards to any rumors or reports of the necromancers, as well as additional details or directions.

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Nilieril Lysur waits for a few minutes while the group is discussing what to do. He looks around the surrounding area mostly keeping quiet. Nilieril notices how Amartius starts to walk towards the city gate. He quickly hops up and walks towards Amartius keeping pace,

"I am going to tag along with you if you don't mind. I can't stand that old Breton. Always talking about his "Friends" wherever we go."

Nilieril quickly checks his surroundings, staying on guard.

"I assume you are familiar with Riften?"

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Nilieril & Amartius

As they walk, they enter the town market, the most lively part of the town. Still many traders around, but there is a distinct lack of foreign ones. The crowd at the market, and the traders, all almost entirely Nord, when the town used to be considered largely cosmopolitan. Same goes for the people around. While it's not that strange, considering the town's recent history, Nihiril and Amaritius get a few glances their way, being obvious outsiders. Amaritius especially gets a long look from a town guard, likely a stormcloak. Does Amaritius know any of these people?

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Unfortunately, Amartius would be considered familiar with the town and Hold guards. He would return the stare from the guard, as well as a grim nod. His arms would remain at his side, attempting to adopt a passive and non-threatening posture in spite of the war-scarred armor with worn imperial insignias.

He says to Lysur, "All too familiar. And I think we shouldn't overstay our welcome," while gesturing to pick up the pace a bit, as his intention was to conclude his business in Riften as soon as possible. He would intend to make way to the local general goods merchant in the square.

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Amaritius and Lysur walk to the merchant, a bald nord with a beard, styling a trader's hat and clothes. He smiles as they approach, "Ameritius. Hello, my friend. It's been a while. How may I help you?"

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Abelard gives a quick wave to follow to Ervas.

Finding themselves under the city they are met by a man in Armour. "What do you want, old man?", Abelard frowns, "I am looking for Shadowknife we are old friends." the man gestures to a passage way. A old man sits by a table, reading a book. "NarSir! My old friend!" A Argonian looks up from his book "Where isss my money you old fart," the Argonian grins.

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((Let me handle the Argonian, Coolbc. Talking to yourself isn't fun. Also, you get a penalty point for that Nar'sie reference. Two more and I get to spank your mother.))

Ervas, Abelard and Sorarne

The Argonian eyes the other two and turns to Abelard, "If you think threatening me with your goons will get you your debt erassssed, you are very mistaken." He closes his book, "What do you want?"

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Amartius would approach the merchant, smiling and offering a nod back. "Joined up with the Companions, suppose one could say it's better paying work with some insurance benefits, in a way, which is better than nothing in these dark times. Got a contract to track down a coven of Necromancers. Would you happen to know anything of them? Any hearsay or anything around the bend to share?"

He'd raise a small coinpurse of a few dozen septims as an offering.

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The merchant looks at the coinpurse, then at Amartius, somewhat blankly, then shakes his head and pushes it back, "No, I... don't know anything about that. Sorry. Try somewhere west of town."

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Amartius would shrug, dropping the small coinpurse into their satchel and nodding. "Farewell, then, friend."

He would turn to his follower, shrugging. "Well, it's certainly something. Could go check out west of town, ask if they know anything, despite the den being a tad east of here. Thoughts, Elf?"

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While listening to Amartius, you noticed that the merchant called his assistant, a young boy and whispered something into his ear. The former nodded and walked away, then started running when he entered the crowd.

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Nilieril: Nilieril looks back at the man that they just spoke to.

He said to Amartius, "He knows something that he isn't telling us. That boy, the one that your merchant friend spoke to when we walked up to him. He went running into the crowd after being told something. Perhaps investigate that? I could likely be able to pick him out of we see him."

Nilieril looks towards the way that the boy ran. "That way."

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"Ah yes well, you see..." Abelard has a slight smirk on his face

"There are these nasty Necromancers near here, do you have any idea where they could be, I know you have some connections with "Dark" people. If you catch my drift "

He pulls out a pipe and begins to stuff tobacco in it.

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The Argonian scoffs, "You mean, the Thievessss Guild?", and then breaks into a pretty ominous chuckle. He slams at the table in front of him a few times, laughing, "Sure, why don't you just go... speak to them yourself. You know where they are, in the sewers."

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Amartius would nod, having just noticed a boy slip into the crowd at the last moment. Turning back to Nilieril, he said, "Alright, trusting your judgement on this. We'll tail them to where they're going. Lead on, Elf."

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Amartius and Nilieril

The boy was running towards the south-east, the direction you arrived from. You catch a glimpse of him as you push through the crowd, running behind a building up ahead.

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Nilieril: He looks back at Amartius and says, "Hurry, we need to catch him to see if he knows anything." before sprinting off ahead of Amartius, chasing after the boy.

Looking back, Nilieril notices that he has ran ahead of Amartius but still has sights on the boy that they are after.

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As he was running after him, Nihiril saw the boy walking slowly, a dozen feet ahead. Sadly, he heard the footsteps and turned, meeting the eyes of his pursuer. He made a terrified look and started dashing through the secluded alley (no guards, you pedophile).

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