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Job Minimum Requirements list is confusing and incomplete




Hii, i wanted to ask some questions about this wiki page. Quite a few roles seem to be missing their requirements, i wanted to point them out too.

First and foremost, The Captain. No requirements listed. I'd assume it'd be even more stringent than the chiefs of staff requiements?

also the bartender, janitor, librarian, the chaplain, and Shaft Miner are not listed. Most of those civilian jobs could be assumed to have no qualifications, but shaft miner is a dangerous job that requires skill,it must have some.

I see requirements for Nursing Intern, but not any of the other intern positions, although there is Security Officer Level 1, that requires having been a cadet. What do the Level 1 and level 2 variants of the same job mean?

Also Nursing Assistant is in there, even through there's already an entry for medical intern. What does that refer to, perhaps the Nurse alt title of medical doctor?

The latter part is a really important question for me, my character at age 27, cannot become a doctor, i'm stuck at nursing intern for now. Can i move up to Nurse?

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I think the missing content and any other problems are because the wiki itself needs HUGE amounts of work, and the lore team, who are in charge of most, if not all, of the wiki have more things are their mind. The best person to answer this question would be Sierra, Id think since they touched on this kind of thing before. Hopefully they can poke their head in on this for you.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I hated the list of job requirements because it's a giant block of text and specifications. Frances, when she was active, worked with me on dismantling it. Currently minimum koalafications should be included in specific job guides. That page itself is being left as an archive, and maybe to quickly cross-reference differences in departments, but I don't think it'll be updated because I felt it better to have the guides themselves list the qualifications. If it's confusing to have the outdated list I can just remove it and ensure the jobs have their qualifications on them.


Qualifications: At least 28 years of age, applicable MD from accredited school, 2 years Residency at accredited hospital or clinic.


The qualifications should be included for each job in each job guide.


Qualifications: At least 35 years of age, 10 years experience with NanoTrasen, at least one department-related degree.


Guides were copypasted from Baystation and are currently being updated piece by piece to coincide with specific Aurora-regs. If you're unsure about a specific job guide, or don't see qualifications for it, bring it to the lore team's attention! :)

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I felt it better to have the guides themselves list the qualifications. If it's confusing to have the outdated list I can just remove it and ensure the jobs have their qualifications on them.

Keeping it as an archive is fine, but i think it'd be good to update the page to have a stern note saying that it's outdated, and that people should look at their job's page for actual requirements

I'd also ask you to take down the sticky thread linking to that page, because it's giving it a lot of legitimacy and directing people towards, as you say, an outdated set of information

Am i to understand then, that the Nurse alt title doesn't have any lower requirements, and that my character is stuck as a nursing intern until she gets older?

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