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Job: VIP


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An idea that came to mind, and formed a bit before i've decided to present it for thoughts and feedback.

The first and foremost thing, is that the VIP would be a whitelisted role. Potential for abuse is high, and it should only be open to people who've proven themselves to be good roleplayers, and a decent part of the community.

So, the VIP. What is it?

As the name implies, the VIP is someone important, someone trusted with access to the station Exactly who they are is yours to create an RP justification for. Some possibilities

-The son/daughter/spouse/sibling/uncle of a high ranking NT Executive

-An NT Executive on holiday, who's not here for business.

-A retired/former captain, or similar command staff, visiting to see how the young'uns are taking care of his old place

-A diplomat or representative from Biesel, or a similar governmental entity. Any kind of foreign dignitary

-a visiting general, or similar military leader

-One of NT's investors/benefactors, or business partners

-Or even just a really, really rich tourist

Whoever they are, they and their family have a reputation to preserve, and thus can be trusted not to misbehave.

The VIP cannot be an antagonist

The VIP does not have an assigned job on the station, they're not expected to specifically do anything. This is important. they're a glorified assistant. VERY glorified. They could help out with departments that might need it, and bend rules here and there, but their family reputation prohibits them from intentionally harming the station, and security can remove them if things get out of hand.

RP Guidelines

During their stay on the station, security is expected to look after them, babysit them in some cases. their safety is the station's responsibility. Other staff are expected to be polite to them and make their visit pleasant, tour them around the facilities etc, but keep them out of danger and away from anything TOO sensitive. Staff are expected to accomodate them, and generally only restrict them on the grounds of safety, like not letting them walk into vented/irradiated areas without proper gear, escorting them if they want to look around the armoury, or kicking them out of medbay when it's full of mass-casualties/viral outbreaks.

Shadowing the VIP and being their bodyguard is the perfect assignment for a Cadet.

Security will be expected to give them a lot of leeway. In the event of mischief, their sentances should be waived, and forgotten about for all but the most severe "hold until transfer" crimes. The saying "Ignorance of the law is not an excuse" does not apply to the VIP, and any minor crimes will be treated as well-intentioned mistakes. If the VIP DOES intentionally commit major/capital crimes, that's generally grounds for a roleban.

If there is a need to arrest them, it should be done civilly and with dignity. Eg, asking them to come to security under escort, not flashing and cuffing them. The VIP player can be expected to comply with this, and not resist or make a scene, except maybe shouting "I'll have your badge for this". They're confident in the belief they'll call someone later to get the officers fired. Violent resistance is a definite no.

All dealings with the VIP should be considered under the constant overhanging threat of "I'm telling daddy/the board/centcom". It should be assumed they have the connections to make your life extremely difficult if their experience isn't enjoyable.

Without a specific RP exception (like being a retired general) the VIP is generally assumed to be weak, untrained in combat or weapons, and generally defenseless. As such they'd be expected to quietly go along with antags who try to take them hostage and hold them to ransom. Command staff would similarly be expected to value the VIP's life, and go to great lengths to ensure they survive a hostage situation.

Mechanical effects:

-The VIP has full, unrestricted access to the station. All doors will open for them as if they were the captain.

-The VIP has a tracking implant inside their body somewhere, which causes them to appear on the crew manifest as if they always have sensors maxed. They cannot turn suit sensors down unless the implant is surgically removed. The implant itself cannot be destroyed or turned off, and will still broadcast its location if removed and thrown into space.

-The VIP's bank account always starts with an absurdly high, functionally infinite amount of money. Millions or billions of thaler.

-The VIP cannot spawn as an antagonist. they may or may not be convertible to antag factions (vampire/cult/etc)depending on feedback.

-In the revolutionary gamemode, the VIP always spawns as a loyalist and cannot join the revolutionaries

-age restrictions on this role would be eased, a VIP could be as young as 14

OOC: What is the purpose of this?

The VIP would act as a way for veteran players, and especially moderators and admins, to "take a day off". Not having to take a job or fulfil its expectations, but stilll having the freedom to roam around the station, interact and RP with people, and if the character has the relevant experience (like a retired chief engineer) to lend a hand in crisis situations, or teach things to new players. It could also be used to play interesting occasional/one-off characters that don't fit into the normal rhythym of station life, and can display personal eccentricities that would normally make someone unemployable.

It's a way to be an assistant without being part of the grey tide. Or to be an element that makes the station a little more interesting for everyone.

They can also provide a focal point for conflict. A VIP is a prime target for antagonist kidnap/assasinate objectives, or for taking hostage, and sometimes an antag might be required to ensure the VIP survives even if they kill everyone else, due to daddy's syndicate connections.

Silly idea? Or interesting. Would you play it? How?

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1. No.

2. VIPs exist; the protocol for them is in the Head of Staff forum, and currently the system operates under the usage of the visitor role.

3. Elitism = bad

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

It's been established by both word of mouth and by precedent that VIP's need to be:


-Anyone else on staff.

-Anyone who ahelps and have my vague awareness so I know they're not using any characters in the lore that shouldn't be on station outside Special Circumstances.

Making it a full whitelisted role would be very... Presumptuous? It's not a right to run around as someone super important. The point of Very Important Visitors as I've tried to shape them is that they bring the greater lore to the station and tie the station into this living setting that we have. They have this established function. Letting anyone with a whitelist run around as one would attach the baggage of administrative formalities. It's harder to establish a formal case to revoke someone's whitelist than to simply have staff (when justified) say "no, you've caused many problems with your character, the President of Space France, you can't spawn as him."

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