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Sayek and Haynes

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BYOND Key: Outboarduniform

Player Byond Key: Unknown

Staff involved: I ahelped and a mod/admin said they were going to deal with it but I forgot their name

Reason for complaint: Torturing prisoners like they're in Guantamino Bay. Me , and 2 other players were prisoners after a short and shitty gimmick gone wrong. Captain and HoS decided to torture us for some unfathomable idea. They ended up almost being arrested. I'm more concerned about the failure to RP as a whitelisted head than anything else. Honestly , what makes you think you can torture people , even non-crew ? Its surprising that the captain of all people tortured people. Not only that , but I think they were considering accepting a bribe.

Approximate Date/Time: (The date and time of the incident. Date is more important but both are helpful)

Around Friday/Saturday 7:00ish 16/17/19 March (not completely sure)

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I spoke to both players in question here. The HoS was basically just going along with the captain and the captain was unaware of the regulations applying to non-crew and thus being against his implant. Even still they owned up to it real quick and apologized so I let them both off with a note. I apologize not communicating this to you but both have been lectured on what we expect from whitelisted players.

If this kind of tying repeats its easily something tish and I would strip a whitelisted for.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Torture is outlawed by both the system the Exodus and Aurora are in and Nanotrasen itself. It falls under mistreatment of prisoners. Loyalty implanted heads of staff should not be allowing the torture or mistreatment of any prisoners in NT custody.

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