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Filthyfrankster ban appeal

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BYOND Key: Filthyfrankster

Total Ban Length: 10080 minutes,

Banning staff member's Key: AimlessAnalyst

Reason of Ban: Ignoring hostage RP in favour of a "warriors death", killing multiple personnel, including a hostage.

Reason for Appeal: My ban has almost reached six days, and due to the weekend coming up, and my cooperation once this ban was placed, (Never evaded or put up much of a fit about it), I would love to play during populated hour and not in the middle of Saturday night.

I'm not going to deny or acknowledge my mistakes during the incident, I just want to play 2d spessmen with my friends after a long week.

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This is third time I've typed this so I'm just gonna' make this quick.

Personally I think it was silly that Frankie here was even banned in the first place for something like this since seemingly everyone else does it (sometimes lacking even a reason as logical as "WITNESS ME") in hostage situations and none of them ever face repercussions.

But all of that aside, shaving one day off the ban seems pretty harmless. He's behaved really well in the lore chat in the past six days of his ban, so I think giving him the seventh day can't hurt.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Frank's incident with the hostage wasn't out of par with other situations where people got off scott free (I can name 6 examples from today alone), but irregardless he's well behaved and genuinely wants to avoid another situation like this. I support shaving off a day, he's a cool guy and should get to play primetime.

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