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Character Feedback: Claire Glimmer

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So, hi. Welcome to my thread. I have a character named Claire Glimmer, maybe you've seen her around. She's generally seen around the med-bay trying to figure out how to not look completely incompetent. I'm relatively new to how to do all of this and how to represent a character in general and I would like opinions on what I can do better. Be as harsh as you'd like as long as it's actual feedback. If you see Claire around and have something you'd like to say I'd love to hear it. Thank you all. Uh, also this is my first forum post so, uh, be gentle please. I've been having fun so far and I'd like to help you all have fun too.

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Well, uh. I'd apply these.


Pacifist (95%)



In general I'd say that along with these four she's out to prove herself, since she's so new to everything. I guess that's generic, but, for a first character (first one I'm taking seriously) that's a good safe start.

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Oh, I'd also add..


Generally tries to pick the safe option and is hesitant to do anything unfamiliar

Is a very closed book but will put on an act of a sort

Edit: Doesn't take many things seriously as long as nothing goes too bad and/or too far from how she imagined it to be

I hope this all sounds okay.

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Don't mind them, they have a bias against certain types of characters. The fact that some people don't like you doesn't mean an objective flaw.

I love Glimmer, she's cute, helpful and fun to have around. And she actually seems interested in learning, i'm happy to teach you whenever i'm there

A bright eyed naive student is far better than an arrogant and overconfident student

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