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Make hearing through layers of windows muffled.


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Suggestion background

So, the main idea I had, is that hearing perfectly through multiple layers of windows (take the basic two-layered window with grilles for an example) or multiple tiles of windows, it just seems... odd.

What do I mean by hearing through windows? e.g When a window (which is additionally maybe even separating rooms) is between two characters.


What I propose here would be to make hearing through a window more muffled or at least like it would work when whispering.

Why would it be good?

I think it would improve the RP even further with different emotes, miming and stuff like that. It would maybe even create more tense and mysterious situations. But overall, it would really improve the realism and RP.

Of course, you are all free to comment, add ideas and stuff like that. Thanks for checking it out!

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You'd have to code it to not muffle people speaking loudly, ex: Sentences that end with ! or are in ALL-CAPS; Especially considering the "hearing distance" of characters on their screen is 30-40 feet tops. Make it muffle shit like proper whispers entirely as well, if you must.

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This seems like something that would have performance implications for the server, since you'd have to first check what's between speakers and listeners. In addition i feel it would dampen RP, i ovten talk to people through windows.

I don't like this idea, it's a no from me

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