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Glass containers should break when thrown.


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This is quite the obvious suggestion, shouldn't need much explaining.

So, it would be really cool if different glass containers would break when thrown /any/ distance, they should even leave shards behind and it would be extra awesome if they would leave a slippery puddle behind. (puddle doesn't have to be sprited, just like the janitor's existing mopping)

Why would it be good?

First off, it would be realistic. Second of all, it would create immersion and it would further the roleplay in some ways and in terms of gameplay mechanics, it would also be a cool thing to add. (a way to attack or defend from someone, a way to maybe escape from someone, bar roleplay etc you name it)

So, there you have it. Please do post comments, ideas and any questions here if you have them regarding this suggestion. Thanks for reading!

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If we're taking an abusable goon feature then the Bar/Kitchen will also require the machines that turn shards back into proper glassware, otherwise I can guarantee some guy will just come in and break everything. Aside from that, sounds good.

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bottles containing any chemical should douse someone they hit in it. throwng bottles of acid at people could become an interesting weapon

Cups of coffee especially, should break open and douse the victim in hot coffee, causing minor burns

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I'll pick this up. Continue posting ideas if you have anymore.

I do sincerely hope you include the obligatory 'Machine that turns shards back into glassware', otherwise I foresee Bartenders breaking skulls once Johnny Greyshirt cracks all the drinking glasses against the nearest wall/catbeast.

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