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Staff Complaint - AimlessAnalyst

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BYOND Key: Evandorf

Staff BYOND Key: AimlessAnalyst

Reason for complaint: Dispute of Issued Warning

Evidence/logs/etc: Warning given: Playing a relatively silent Wizard and causing hell for Security, minimal interaction with the crew.

Unfortunately I do not have logs from the shift. BYOND closed on me in between the shift in question and the next shift when Aimless spoke to me.

Additional remarks: This was my first time ever being able to play wizard and I've gotten in trouble in the past as antag for ganking and being too aggressive. The only offensive spell I took was subjugation. And the only artifacts I took was the orb of scrying and the armor.

I began the round by teleporting in and not making an attempt to hide my presence. I was amicable enough at the beginning and spoke to several crew members including officers and the Head of Security. I was trying to go for a mysterious/stoic wizard. I don't like flamboyant/meme-y characters. My goal was to teleport around the station and make a very large show of examining and then taking valuable objects. I teleported into the CE's office and took his headset from his locker. Later when I acquired the Captain's headset I teleported back into the CE's office and politely handed his headset back to him and told him I no longer needed it. It didn't take long for security to realize I was taking things and they came after me. I tried subjugating the Head of Security after telling him to "Not interfere with my work" in front of many security personnel. I guess I thought subjugate was more like a thrall for a vampire but either I wasn't using it correctly or it works differently. After the initial search by security personnel an AI became active. It severely hampered my movements and so I began working to remove it. From here I admit conversations with other players took a backseat as I was being actively chased. Until the ERT came and one of them shot me with a mounted laser cannon. They arrested me and that was the end.

Aimless seems to think that I was being a silent asshole the entire time but I never ganked anyone. I didn't kill anyone except for an unfortunate sec officer who happened to be too close to the AI upload with a mechanical heart when I tried to alleviate that problem with an EMP grenade. I even asked admin permission before activating an emitter in engineering storage to deviate resources away from chasing me. As the station was already at RED and an ERT was onsite Garn gave me approval.

I feel I am being punished for not playing the round the way other people wanted it to be played. One of the troopers on the shuttle back to Central said something along the lines of. "LOOC: You were a bad wiz. You should have blown something up instead of teleporting around stealing stuff. It was boring." But I had an idea for how I wanted to act and I don't see why I can't RP in my own way.

I would also like to say that nothing was said to me during the round when this was happening. I only received a message from aimless at the end of the round after it was all over.

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I'll list the ones I can remember. I don't know many of the BYOND handles though.

CE - Oliver Roadman

Visitor? - Dylan Wright ( I know he's a regular and he was around when the HoS confronted me).

The HoS was a bright white Unathi. Started with a T, something like Tar'kil.

And I believe Isabella Silva was one of the Officers on duty.

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Hello, Player of Oliver Roadman here the CE for that round. I joined after start to hear that we had a visitor, and he was being watched. Well on my way back from someone venting themselves in cargo the first thing I see the wizard do is jack my Headset. I tell Security, and leave it to them being it's their territory, and I have a breach to fix. Later on the wizard popped back in said a quick word returned my headset, after all I think he had the captain's at this point, and poofed away before I could really say anything. It was pretty much a lost cause no one could keep up with the wizard who kept jumping around doing stuff until a new AI got cycled in. Soon after the AI started to track the wizard he EMP bombed it. The AI fixed itself the first time, and it got EMP bombed again.We fixed it a second time before the wizard jumped in carded it, and jumped out before I knew what in the hell was going on. The last time I saw the wizard, and the most interaction I got from him. was he popped in used Subjugate, and ordered me to drag the nuke into escape before jumping out again. I considered following the command since it said I was completely overwhelmed, but since the spell seemed to give me jelly legs, and the inability to move for five minutes I reasoned it wasn't a suggestionesque spell as it was trying to be used. That's all I really remember happening the wizard jumped around, and was causing a massive headache to command, and security.

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