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The stream starts, the audio clicks on and a second later the camera comes online, a living room comes into view, the furniture looks to be good quality and it looks reasonably clean, although a good deal of it doesn't look 'lived in', likewise there aren't many personal effects to be seen, a view out of the window shows it is quite high up with a cityscape in the background, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume no one actually resided in here if it wasn't for a small orange and white cat sleeping on a couch in the background and the thin green-scaled Unathi sitting at a desk in front of the camera, currently wearing a plain black T-shirt.

"Greetings, I am Usiki Guwan, some of you may know me, most probably don't, I am a Chief Medical Officer assigned on board the NSS Exodus, recently promoted, I am usually busy when I am working on-station so if you have questions then you can ask me anything you want here and I shall answer."

((Hissing edited out for sanity of reading and writing.))

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Uriel Evans, after reading the comment, Connects with a video and microphone feed. His jumpsuit is rolled down and his face is even more covered in oil. He sets a screwdriver down and wipes his face off with his rag. After taking a few moments he speaks "Hey Guwan.. I have a question for you actually, What is it like to be in direct authority over medical? How does it make you feel? How does it make your workers feel? And lastly, Do you believe you do well when working with the crew that is normally aboard? Evans starts to wipe his face clean, to be more presentable
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Usiki reads the comment and hisses something in Sinta'Unathi that doesn't quite get picked on the audio, and brings his attention to Evans.

"I believe those are several questions, but regardless, running Medical after being a surgeon is..." He falters for a moment while searching for the proper word.

"Different, I suppose, rather then handling issues as they come in I must make sure everyone else is handling things instead, very often dealing with something myself is not the best use of my time as it infringes on my awareness of the current situation and thus my ability to give orders."

He leans back in his chair and sighs.

"I have been feeling rather pressured handling all of medical's affairs, more so then when I've had to personally handle a medical emergencies, if you can believe it, making sure everyone else knows what needs to be done is much more pressing then handling things with your own knowledge of the situation."

Usiki sits up a bit straighter.

"I do not know any of my staff on any significant personal level, but I do feel that they do not have strong issues with how I run medical, or at least, any issues they have are not evident to me, likewise, I do believe that I do not do poorly when I am in charge, it just provides me some extra weight I must bear."

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Usiki seems to have been caught off-guard by the sudden change in subject.

"My...childhood? I suppose that is alright.."

"For the most part, my early childhood was quiet...First Contact only came later, although there were some..issues, regarding my education, that was dealt with in the end, however, and in my later years, First Contact had shaken things considerably, and made normal life more difficult, I do believe my childhood wasn't as bad as it could've been, in the end."

"I am aware that these channels are of course asking for questions, but I am curious, why did you want to know?"

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Evans nods slowly, and rubs at his chin for a moment and then replies "Well, I personal believe, the tore you know about a person and the greater you understand them. You can work with them better and trust them more... And Gotta start the foundations for that somewhere"
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A feed comes in, a white-framed IPC tipping her head gently. She adjusted the camera, quiet for a few moments. In the background, a few others could be seen that looked almost the exact same as she did. She cued in that the feed was on after a few moments, and jumped a little before speaking up.

"..Hello! This is Inic-05. We wanted to know, what got you interested in medical fields? Did you pick it up on your homeworld, or.. Yeah! You know."

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With Evan's departure, Usiki gives his full attention to the newly connected IPC, looking at the feed critically.

"I wasn't interested at first...but after a bit of time, I showed more aptitude for it then other roles, and being a healer is very much a respected position, so it seemed the logical choice."

"I have been practicing for a long time, however, at least twenty years I believe, so yes, I did take it up on Moghes."

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  • 2 weeks later...

"Anywaysss...I need to deal with sssome thingsss, given the lapssse in quessstionsss, thiss iss a good moment to end."

After a few seconds, the stream ends and the channel goes inactive.


Roughly two weeks later, the stream becomes active again, the same apartment comes into view, although the cat doesn't seem to be visible this time, Usiki is wearing a long sleeved shirt that goes to his wrists, along with gloves that mostly hang over the tips of his claws unless pulled back.

"Greetingsss...for thossse of you who were wondering, the reassson I have been absssent from NSS Exodusss isss becaussse I am on medical leave, I sssuffered an accsident..."

He pauses for a few seconds, and evidently decides not to elaborate.

"I don't believe I ssshall be resssuming dutiesss asss Chief Medical Officsser for a while longer, I may ssstart coming aboard the ssstation again ssoon, however."

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  • 4 weeks later...

Usiki nods to the camera.

"Greetings Evans, it's good to see you, as for your question, after my accident, I spent some time hospitalized, after that, I had to deal with some things..."

"If you are truly curious then details will most likely be in my medical records when I come back aboard."

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