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[RESOLVED] Player Complaint - John Mitch

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BYOND Key: Kvasir

Player Byond Key: John Mitch (xxxretroxgears3)

Staff involved: N/A

Reason for complaint: Player suddenly ignored antag responsibilities. In explanation, SomeoneOutThere and I were Virologist/Cultists. We decided that we would convert people, during vaccination, after introducing a genetically modified virus to the station. The plan was pretty straight forward; however, it fell apart quickly. After we converted Joh Mitch (xxxretroxgears3), our third cultist, things seemed 'O.K'. While we had little experience as cultists, Mitch seemed to know what he was doing. With that said, he didn't seem to grasp the idea of 'RP' that well. While we were debating on what to do -- he suggested we have a magic show in Virology; tricking people to come down there to 'be converted'. While Grant and I thought that absurd, we suggested, perhaps, releasing a man-made virus and using the vaccination process as cover. All was going well, until it came time to actually start converting people. Mitch just walked away and refused to answer us on coms, or even PDA. When I contacted him, he said that he doesn't have to babysit us. My problem with this is that we agreed upon a scenario, together, then (after all our hard work) Mitch decided to blow us off -- to do his own thing. Furthermore, I did ahelp, once I realized he was screwing us over, and the only response I got back was a vague AOOC -- no admin directly addressed us in LOOC or MSG regarding how we could salvage the round after our other cultist decided to blow us off. I am writing this now, despite the round still going on, because no Admin has provided us with a solution. GG.

Approximate Date/Time: 4-6pm EST 6/13/16

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