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Kiara's pocket altar

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BYOND Key: Nursiekitty

Character name: Kiara Branwen

Item name: pocket altar

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Even for a secular witch, practice is an integral part of their life. For a witch, an altar is the tools they use for their craft.

Item function(s): It is a fluff item. Clicking on it in hand would open it/change the sprite.

Item description: A black tin box with a symbol painted over it. It shimmers in the light.

Item appearance: Just a little tin box that was hand-painted black and had a glittery little triple goddess symbol painted over that. Inside it's got a vial of herbs, a little bag of salt, some epoxy clay runes, a candle + match, a permanent marker and a tiny besom.

Additional comments:

spriting is hard holy shit i hate it



closed, inert lil witch box




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Tell me a bit more on who Kiara Branwen is and how you plan on using the item for interaction with others.

As a witch, her practice and "magic" is part of her life. From casually drawing sigils on whatever she's gotten her hands on to secluding back into the library and preforming rites with runes and candles, it's something she does because she believes it has power, regardless of how many "why are you drawing on a crowbar"s she's inevitably going to get.

The pocket altar is just a fluff item to explain where she pulls her magical goodies out from so she can preform her rituals. How people react to her casually going about her practice is up to them, whether it earns ire or a witchy friend.

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