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Port Polaris Armor Changes

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Or: Fuck Tactical Armor


Bulletproof vest renamed bullet resistant vest

•Adds helmet variants for ablative and bullet resistant armor.

• Adds new armor type, called combat armor, which is better than the security vest but worse than tactical armor. ◦Combat armor stats are 50 melee/50 bullet/50 laser/30 bomb. Compare to tactical, which is 70/65/65/40 (including the tac jumpsuit).

• Adds two new pieces of armor, arm guards and leg guards, which protect the arms and legs against harm, at the cost of some slowdown. ◦Arm/leg guards are available for riot, bullet resistant, ablative, and combat.

◦Arm and leg guards go on your hands and feet, respectively.

◦Clothing which would have covered what the arm/leg guards cover cannot be worn at the same time, and vise versa, meaning you cannot wear a spacesuit and arm or leg guards at the same time and receive massive protection.

•Tactical armory has been removed. Tactical armor can still be obtained at cargo, for a premium.

•Riot suit split into riot vest, riot arm guards, and riot leg guards.

• Riot shields can now attempt to block projectiles, as they once did previously. However, piercing projectiles are able to go through the shield, still resulting in a hit but for reduced damage. ◦Pistol-tier ammo will not pierce a shield.

◦Rifle-tier ammo will go through and do half damage.

◦All lasers go through and do half damage.

◦Crazy armor-pen projectiles go through and do full damage (sniper bullets, xray)

•Armor sets (ablative, bullet-resistant, riot, combat) can now be individually ordered at cargo. ◦Crates which previously provided armor (e.g. LWAP crate providing ablative) no longer provide armor.

◦Tactical Armor crate increased in cost to 60 points.

•Adds new uplink category for armor. ◦Moves armor vest to the new category.

◦Adds a set of combat armor to the uplink, in the armor category.

•Starting helmet and vest for security's bullet protection increased. Laser and melee protection decreased, to equal 40/30/30

•Heavy vest is now 50/40/40.

• Armory and Secure Armory remodeled to accommodate the increase of armor available.

•Flashers now available in the Armory instead of the Secure Armory.

•Experimental energy gear crate renamed because e-guns are hardly experimental and it was misleading.

•Experimental armor crate removed, as you can order armor individually now, also misleading.

tl;dr cut tactical armor, replace with weaker overall armor, give sec full sets of bulletproof and ablative suits

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Can we also port the armour changes that completely change how armour code works and better balances them as a whole? As well as effectively the entire traitor gear repertoire (Which includes a full of set of combat armour for a fairly pricey sum).

Can we just overall port everything from their nice code and be done with it so we're not still basically a year behind everyone else?

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The bulletproof/ablative/riot armours are a bit over specialised, but that's not hard to fix. i'm not quite understanding what the purpose or end-goal of all these changes would be.

Why cut tactical armour?

none of the existing armours are anywhere close to overpowered, because they don't protect against the most powerful and most common weapon in the game.


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Because tactical armor has stats of

armor = list(melee = 60, bullet = 60, laser = 60, energy = 40, bomb = 40, bio = 0, rad = 0)

That better than ERT armor, just 20 melee short of the death squad swat suit, better than the merc voidsuits, comparable to the combat RIGsuit, nearly all other antag armors pale in comparison, and it spawns roundstart in the armory.

Because of this armor, there's literally no purpose to ever take other armors.

Security does not need a catch-all suit of armor that has high defense stats in every threat short of space.

The proposed combat armor would have much less stupid stats of

(melee = 50, bullet = 50, laser = 50, energy = 30, bomb = 30, bio = 0, rad = 0)

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+1. Tac armor effectively makes security more than untouchable as soon as it's cracked out for code-red level threats. We can easily replace it with any other armor alternative and still make security with code-red armor effective without being overbearing against certain antagonists that are meant to be more directly advanced and powerful than security.

Spacing is also really avoidable. Never open shutters, never be in a breach. Antagonists mass-breaching will end up directly/indirectly murderboning everyone and will create an immense pile of salt. Weaponizing atmos should never have to be the ONLY option to defeat tac armor. Not every antagonist has the capability of doing that, and that's why tac armor is unbalanced. There is no reasonable counter to it aside from standard powergaming stuns such as soap.

Syringe cartridges have a high chance of glancing off tac armor (or any armor covering), so they're not guaranteed to be effective. There's pretty much no other method to stop tac armor juggernauts than to RCD the floor when they're in the same room and then walk out of the room while they drop into softcrit from decompression.

I'd love to see the new armor algorithm that I think Bay has in motion.

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. Weaponizing atmos should never have to be the ONLY option to defeat tac armor.


You make it sound like breaches are some rare last resort. They're not, they're common as dirt.

Tank transfer bombs, C4, juggernauts punching holes, or just someone using a welder on a wall. One person with a softsuit and a welder can easily and instantly defeat full tac-armoured squadron

raiders and mercs don't seem to have much problem winning fights in my experience


Not every antagonist has the capability of doing that, and that's why tac armor is unbalanced.


Who suffers from this, though?

the types of antags that are incapable of fighting it, are the sort that shouldn't be engaging in direct combat anyway, traitors and changelings mostly

and stuns are hardly powergaming, almost everyone has access to some type of stun.

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