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Readdition of lost Bar/Chemical Recipes.


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During the switch from 2014 Baycode to what we have at the present, a good deal of things were lost that I would like to see returned for enterprising bartenders (and chemists).

Specifically, a good deal of recipes from here:


Two examples,

Mint Julep (Water + Whiskey + Ice)

Philodexphid (Cryptobiolin + Impedrezene + Mercury)

I do not have much else to state, this suggestion is to merely request the return of these lost little dandies that a few good bartenders/chemists may miss.

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I'm aware of these, but didn't get around to it. i'm not sure if all of those drinks have icons.

At least one of the missing chemicals was deliberately removed by skull for being overpowered, not sure about others.

Carver, since you're interested, feel like doing some work? It'd be helpful if you could write out a full list of those missing and, where applicable, their effects. will save some time when i get around to them, chemicals may be rebalanced

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