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Tajaran Animals

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Hey so before now I've always promotedpeople asking me personally if a certain animal would be canon and logical to live on Adhomai, but as of late I haven't gotten many requests for animals.

So in order to remedy this, I'm making this thread where you can post all sorts of bullshit like:

-a reference photo

-a biological description

-its natural purpose on Adhomai (predator, scavenger, etc)

of an animal for a chance of it becoming an actual canon, wiki-listed animal.

You can really go for anything here. Be creative and spam the shit out of this thread with any interesting fauna you think would be good for the Adhomaian environment.

Keep in mind I'm on my phone, so responses will be bare bones and shitty.

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Njarir Adar'eira

A species of flightless bird discovered recently in the far polar regions of Adhomai controlled by the New Kingdom. Sleep bodies with flipper like wings that go from just below their head down to their feed, dragging alongside their body in the snow. On average both men and woman tower over some Tajarans, mostly women or young men, coming at around 150 cm (just shy of five feet) tall. Being discovered by the New Kingdom, this sleek, white, highly statured animal was named after the royal race. None have ever been seen by anyone beside the people who found them, but they're described as being completely white, except for their beaks which is red, and their eyes that are completely black like coals. They're said to sleep on their faces, perhaps to cover their colourful beaks, and their beaks themselves are used as trick bait for fish swimming in the arctic waters, thinking their beak is the body of the fish, and the nostrils it's eyes.

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Ma'ta'ke's Steed

Large, hairy animals that inhabit the mountains of Central Adhomai. Historically they're most well known, and given their name, by the myth of Ma'ta'ke. It used to be said that in his mortal life Ma'ta'ke was such a strong soldier that he could wear much more armour and heavier weapons than any other Tajaran. While the rest of his men would ride into battle on normal steeds, only these strong work animals could handle carrying him into battle. Theres large, majestic creatures are as tail as the engine compartment of most cars, and wide as tree trunks, with fur that ranges from light brown to rich black, with horns on their head that goes up to two inches away from their skull before pointing frontward.

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Hma'trra Zivr

The Hma'trra Zivr are a species of extremely large tube-shaped and segmented worms that inhabit the deep oceans of Adhomai. Their biology is simple, as they possess seemingly no sensory skills and have no eyes, nostrils, or limbs, instead having merely one giant tube-shaped, ring-segmented body that can be as wide as Adhomaian buildings are tall. At the front end of this body is a large, three pointed slit in the front of the worm that opens to reveal a great pit of a mouth that is lined with rows of sharp, ice-cutting teeth. Using this mouth, they break up icebergs and glaciers by digesting them. While terrifying, their niche is extremely important to the ecosystem of Adhomai as they drift in the oceans, swallowing entire glaciers and breaking them up so that the oceans do not freeze over. They are known to be as long as a mile in length and capable of swallowing glaciers their size. Something that terrifies Tajaran sailors is the fact that ships are commonly swallowed by these monstrosities in deep waters. The foundation of the ship is indigestible by the worm's digestive system and the worms are killed as the half-broken down ships tear them open from the inside. The ice prevents their carcasses from rotting, and large half-eaten cadavers have been recorded to wash up on the ice of Tajaran shores, their stomachs swollen with the remains of battle cruisers, which was how this species was first discovered. The largest length so far, of 1.2 miles, comes only from officially documented statistics. In the deeper, barren oceans of Adhomai, much larger 'glacier worms', as the Tajaran name translates, certainly exist.

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Large animals that range in size from a grizzly to an arctotherium, they're common in most regions of Adhomai with varying breeds.

Vaguely canine in appearance, they have agile, digitigrade limbs that carry them quickly over most terrain, with large, padded claws that protect them from roads and ice. Sharp muzzles and big floppy ears give them a variety of ways to detect prey while hunting, however, they're hunted for their thick pelts and the large tusks jutting from under their jowls. Due to their variety, they can be domesticated with time and care for a variety of purposes and make excellent hunting companions, and larger breeds can be tamed and ridden.


Horrifying flying creatures often mentioned in Adhomaian folklore as devilish, evil things. They look somewhat like imps of legend, with tiny limbs and a snarling, rat-like face. With bat-like wings large enough to carry it's gangling little body, it's capable of soaring high above the clouds to avoid Adhomai's blizzards and have loud, breathless wails that can be heard far down below. They behave much like vultures, only returning to the ground to scavenge and rest for scant amounts of time. It's for these reason they're often seen as bad omens that bring death or terrible weather.

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One of the most feared wilderness creatures of Adhomai is the Rrak'narrr, whose name translates to something close to both cave and geist. These Rrak'narrr have been documented to inhabit the Northeastern tundra of Adhomai by dwelling in the infamously deep caves that fill the Ha'marr mountain range. Not much is known of the Rrak'narr, aside from their vicious behavior and unimaginable ferocity. They are known to be ravenous, crafty, intelligent, and are even rumored to feel no pain as they tear into their prey fearlessly with no regard to their wounds, giving rise to a superstitious rumor that they regenerate any wounds and are invincible. On the eve of 2450 as the New Kingdom of Adhomai expanded into the far Northeast of Adhomai to help carve out a territory to call their own, every expedition sent North was completely lost as each passed a certain point. As expendable supplies diminished, one last expedition was sent out with great hesitance to document what must have happened. The infamous Rrak'hadd (spirit hunter) expedition ended once the dismembered remains of previous expedition staff were found scattered along the mountainside of the Ha'marr mountains, trails of blood and viscera leading into the large cave entrances. Those that followed these trails into the caves returned out of breath, frantically stammering delirious stories of beasts taller than any Tajara and four times as strong, tearing into and devouring anything that wanders into their vast network of tunnels and caverns. The expedition was abandoned almost immediately along with every promise to colonize the Eastern tundra of Zu'Ha'marr. Each member of the New Kingdom knows to turn back once they reach the tattered banner of the first expedition, forever staked into the snow of Southern Zu'Ha'marr.

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