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nitrile glove dispenser


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The first of many medical suggestions, this one starts simple. Remove latex gloves.

Latex is no longer a standard in the medical field, due to latex allergies occurring more frequently. Nitrile gloves are the highest quality. They fit as snugly (if not more so) than latex, with the added positives of being more durable all-around, whether you're working with chemicals or a surgeon, they're more resistant to corrosive materials and punctures than latex.

Remove boxes of latex gloves and replace it with something that works mechanically like a paper bin, with the ability to pull a pair of nitrile gloves out of it. There would be many in one box in order to support that you should actually dispose of the gloves when you're finished with them.

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Sterile gloves start with zero germ level, they are sterile only for the first few minutes you're wearing them

I see so many doctors just put some on at the start of a shift and forget about them, wearing them all day.

IT's absurd, it makes no sense, and it provides no mechanical benefit. a disadvantage, even

This idea makes a lot more sense. I can also code the dispenser so that it puts the gloves straight into your gloves slot if its empty.

We'll need a sprite though, and some mapping work

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This is a really great suggestion I have a few things that Nitrile provides that should shed some light on why we it would be more immersive and make more sense to have Nitrile instead of Latex.


  • Latex-free

    Material is puncture resistant

    Have a high level of sensitivity

    Mold to your hand for a great fit

    Are good for wearing an extended amount of time

    Work well for high-risk situations involving infectious material

    Resist many chemicals

    Are available in blue or black to help identify if the gloves have been punctured


Instead of a stationary dispenser I believe they should be in boxes you can fit into your satchel, So you can take them around to places and take out a new pair every time you have a new patient, I also suggest there be around 15 pairs in a box.

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