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Staff Complaint- Ricky Madenson

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BYOND Key: BygoneHero

Staff BYOND Key: Ricky Madenson

Reason for complaint: Contradictory statements, Disagreement upon the results of their investigation



I followed the AI's commands and only killed them after it made it absolutely clear that it wanted them dead.



Questioning and judging me on things I couldnt possibly know.



Ignoring the fact that the person he had a problem with me killing attacked another borg before I dispatched them.

Additional remarks:

My warning if it is just, which I do not believe it is, is not very clear or concise, and contradicts itself within the first sentence.


Ricky Madenson- After a long investigation, and accounting your history it appears this wasn't entirely a case of ganking, but a problem with poor judgement. Nevertheless whether you are ordered to kill or not, ganking is still ill-advised in these situations. Using the case with the engineer, it appeared no direct Kill was needed despite your "fear" of being disabled with a flash. Holding him at gunpoint from that on was still an option. However, this will be left as warning to you to watch out with your decision making in these cases. If you're hesistating don't worry about Ahelping it.


I disagree with what Ricky found in his investigations, but otherwise our exchanges were without incident, if anything I was slightly aggressive towards him near the end, as I was late meeting some friends. If anything is done, I believe this warning should be either removed or changed to actually reflect what I received a warning for.

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Yes, this was quite an investigation going on. Both Nat and I had to work together on this because it was related to both the AI and complaitant in question, but I'll explain how I got to the conclusion.

I received complaints of players (One of them happened to be Serveris) who would complained about potentional ganking which occured in the Medbay ORs. So as a response to this, both Nat and I were investigating this, Nat would question the AI and their directives and I would engage the supposed Ganking Cyborg by the name of TALON (played by you). After I asked you by PM what drove them to killing the three characters. When they explained to me the AI ordered to kill on sight, I asked you why you let RP out of youractions, using the engineer as an example, as the engineer was shot on sight without warning other than a vague "Hostile detected" statement.

Now here is a small segment of the screeshot which you provided to me that changed my mind over your verdict, you left before I could eventually explain it further to you;


The argument where as you stated and shown that the AI was indeed the one who ordered you to go for the kill isn't entirely wrong, BUT what I also noticed in the screenshot which you had shown as evidence to the AI giving you terrible directives, was that you basically asked to kill. You didn't exactly ask "What should I do?" or "What is my objective?", no instead is was basically asking "Can I kill these people?" . It's come to me that no other options came up to you expect for the "Exterminate" option which is a very poor choice when you have many other options at place. And when no such alternative is available, then you at least provide some form of Roleplay before you kill off these characters.

You disagreed about the ordeal with the Engineer and insisted that killing them off directly was the right option as they were a risk to you because of the flash. Which again made me frown as it was shown that you did not engaged the player with any proper narrative or roleplay before you shot them. Just because you see the engineer with a flash does not make him the biggest treat on the entire station. Yes, they were holding a flash and that is a huge risk for Synthetic units. HOWEVER, when it comes to a SECURITY unit which is (especially in your case as a Malf borg) equipped with TWO different ranged weapons you could have at least hold the engineer in question under gunpoint before you went for the trigger, but instead you rushed in and unleashed a barrage of laserfire on them, no goodbyes, and again no roleplay.

Another interesting detail that struck me was in your screenshot. I will cut the specific part and show it here;



During our PM conversation, you stated you shot the engineer AFTER you saw it flashing CUBIE, but the logs here show that you were already shooting. Hinting to another interesting point whereas CUBIE was already attacking the Noel, it seems to me that you were assisting them in the act of murder without any further narrative or engangement other than a simple "HOSTILE DETECTED".

What I also found an interesting argument was when you stated that you "were doing the right thing as a borg and simply followed the AI's orders". That is fine, UNLESS you suspect there could be a conflict with the server rules, whereas this case it was on the edge of ganking. What I found rather ironic was that later in the round the AI requested another borg, Cadmus, to "remove personell from the transfer shuttle by force.". In this case, the Cadmus' player decided to Ahelp and make sure this action would be approved by staff. Another staff member responded and told them it was a no-go.

And finally, then there is the warning. What I meant by it was that it wasn't necessarily "ganking" at it's full go by which I mean your intention wasn't entirely to gank, but rather ganking as a result of poor judgement. Your decision to go for the kill as the first option here is what is the problem and the warning was make you reconsider your approaches in the future.

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I was asking so many times not because I wanted to kill, but because I didn't know who it wanted me to kill. It was talking to CUBIE about killing them after it sent me to destroy the cloning console. I kept asking because I didn't know who they were talking about. I only went there because it seemed CUBIE needed help.

The logs from the attack were from where I dispatched the Doctor, I fired upon the engineer after he flashed CUBIE.

I will admit that I didn't give them much communication before deciding to kill them, but is that any different than a engineering borg saying Sorry before attacking? It was suppose to be an ambush as the AI wanted us to also remove the bodies after we were done.

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It's nice you bring up the the other two arguments as they clear off previously stated arguments of mine.


I will admit that I didn't give them much communication before deciding to kill them, but is that any different than a engineering borg saying Sorry before attacking? It was suppose to be an ambush as the AI wanted us to also remove the bodies after we were done.


If that is true about the engineering borg, then they could be questioned about it to. However, complaint was directed to you and as such the investigation revolved around you in particulair. I've already listed the reasons as to how things could have gone differently and once again due to poor choice, you are still held accountable for a degree of gank and so I believe the verdict is still just.

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