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[WiP] SSD Definition and Symptoms

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Type: Physical Ailment

Founding/Settlement Date: N/A

Region of Space: Everywhere.

Controlled by :N/A

Other Snapshot information: S.S.D: Space Sleep Disorder is an ailment not much unlike desynchronosis, commonly known as 'Jet Lag.' In fact, the two are exactly the same thing, but Sleep Space Disorder is much more server, as is noted on space stations and other long term facilities across the known universe. First properly observed and noted as Professor Robert C. Jameson, a chronic caffeine addict. Others had tried to study it's effects, but failed. Only through his short coming addiction was Professor Jameson able to properly note the effects.

Long Description: Space Sleep Disorder has been present in Skrell since before the human race came to space, but the actual term was first coined after the formation of the Sol Alliance, in 2142. Whole swaths of colonizers would be caught on camera or in person falling over into unconsciousness at random, and when physical exams showed they were okay, and there was no inherent cause, the term 'SSD' was coined and unexplained just like SIDS. Most doctors just say it's desynchronosis, the body unable compensate for changes in sleep and eating patterns, causing fatigue. They're not far off. But that happening on the body so many times, over so many time zones, sleeping under artificial light for so long, it really tolls on the body, even if it might not feel it at first. Modern marvels do well to TRY and prevent, but it falls short, and hubris is the cause for people not finding this out, not wanting to admit their system is flawed. However, the only result is all of that tiredness and fatigue becoming sudden onset, meaning all of that crashes on the body, all at once, causing the SSD unconsciousness we all see and experience.

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This actually goes well into my headcanon. Jet lag can be a source of fatigue, but it's usually not enough to down people instantly and doesn't explain why its tied specifically to space.

So, here's my headcanon. Bluespace. Yes, it's the most common handwave, but it makes sense. It's literally another dimension, containing exotic particles and radiation of literally unnatural properties. When bluespace is used, some of it slips into our dimension and takes various properties. Those can effect brainwaves and body in wierd fashion, but are mostly harmless. Loss of consciousness and insanity can be explain as some ridiculous technobabble like a combination brainwave disruption and jet lag, plus other randomness. As bluespace tech is mostly used in space, it explains why it's localized and the scale of the sympthoms.

Thankfully, the scientists have studied the effects in length so they have medication and other methods to counteract the worst of its effect.

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Guest Complete Garbage
Cool but!

What about IPCs?

IPCs can sometimes get viruses, need updates, randomly crash, etc to explain being disconnected ICly.

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