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Anyways Catstache aside I'm not a fan of the style because the hair and the like strays a bit too close to 'girl that looks like a cat' for my tastes but the drawing itself is pretty good.

I tried. I truly did. I wanted to give her a more elongated snout, but it just looked weird. She still looks alium, right?


Where are the borgs, where's the destruction.




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She didn't do it!

It wasn't her!

Her catchphrases make me laugh. It's not the best illustration I've ever seen, but I'm spoiled by having an artist for a sister, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it. I can tell some thought has been put into it to capture her personality with her pose and smile, and the choice of outfit certainly corresponds with Karima in game. Her snout does look sort of like a mustache though, but I didn't see the resemblance until someone pointed it out and added one. I'm also jealous of people who can illustrate their characters!

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