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ESRA's custom AI core (and status displays)

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BYOND Key: CakeIsOssim

Character name: ESRA

Item name: They're custom sprites for the AI core and the status displays.

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

The core and status displays will reflect the same image, with the image being a face exhibiting some basic emotion such as happiness or anger. As long as I'm on the ball, keeping up with station happenings, the status displays and the core will reflect how ESRA is "feeling," or better yet reacting to the situation, and provides insight to the crew on how he (or it) functions when it comes to certain stimuli. It works great as nonverbal communication, and I think it'd be an interesting touch to malfunction rounds.

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

That's funny. To answer this one as best I can, ESRA was both an experiment in organic-AI relations and in cybernetic security. Allowing members of its crew to see its "face" helps them to get along with it, and allows them to feel a more personal connection to it.

Item function(s): No real function. It's a custom addition to the AI core displays and status displays.

Item description: There wouldn't really be one, I guess. They're images on a computer screen.

Item appearance: I took a lot of inspiration from the Superintendent's face, so they look strikingly similar. Well, maybe more than similar.

Additional comments: Screenshots and dropbox link for the sprites below. I can't code, so these will have to be coded in.

AI core:


Status display:




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Guest Complete Garbage
It, erm, kind of feels like you tried making some sort of countryball type reference? Could we please work on making that more unique instead?

It actually looks a lot like Vergil, from Halo 3: ODST.

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Alright, too reference-y. By the time the 8th rolls around, I likely won't have a replacement finished, so you can go ahead and can this one. Was worth a shot, though, I think.

I'll definitely be working on a new, unique sprite. And, it will only have one sprite.

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