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Centurion's Paludamentum

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BYOND Key: CakeIsOssim

Character name: Centurion

Item name: Paludamentum

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

The paludamentum was worn by ancient Roman military commanders, and considering Centurion's name and attitude, it would fit his character very well. It would accentuate his respectability, and mark him as one who cares for formality.

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

It's a garment that suits him, and as stated above, accentuates his respectability and formality, and he knows this.

Item function(s): Just a cloak to wear as clothing. It could either fit into the armor slot, or attach to jumpsuits like a webbing vest without the storage space.

Item description: A cloak-like piece of silky, red fabric. Fashioned at one point where the shoulder would be with a golden pin.

Item appearance: A red piece of fabric with black details and a golden pin holding it together at the shoulder. It's basically like a cloak but Roman, mane.

Additional comments: Screenshots and dropbox link with the sprites because I can't code below.

Mob sprite (it's kinda teeny, sry :c):


Item sprite:



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Hrm, a respectable item I'd think. It's... bizarre. In a good sense. Bizarre because it's absolutely not something you'd see people normally wear. Good because it builds on the character and gives better sense of personality. I feel like it'd be strange to have on security personnel though? There's a reason why officers don't have untied long hair, loose clothing, etc. in their dress code after all.

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A valid point. In all reality, I could excuse it by saying that it's only secured by one very small pin, and a tug hard enough to pull over a 300 pound robot would likely just rip it off, unlike someone's long hair or loose clothing. The only other workarounds I have, besides that, is asking for permission to wear it from the head of security every round, or just restricting it to being worn off-duty.

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That's perfectly fine. I do wonder, however, if exceptions could be made with IC formalities?

Also, as an addition, I do understand how long the item is, but there was an application for an armored hide mantle, which isn't that much different and is also armored. Just curious as to how that can be worn on duty?

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Yinzr's mantle we agreed it would not be armored and Alberyk expressed that in the case of a big situation, he'd prefer vests over the mantle anyway. The difference between Yinzr and IPC though, is culture (which IPCs lack, as far as I'm aware because they're machines), and that is why I didn't show any disdain towards him wearing it on-duty as long as he's not charging into firefights in a hide mantle.

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