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SueTheCake complaint 11/28/14

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BYOND Key: KiwiDaNinja

Staff BYOND Key: SueTheCake

Reason for complaint: During the end of the round, worms had killed all crew on the station. Myself and Bughunter66 were roleplaying in the maintenance storage. (Sukri had a mental breakdown, and Bughunter66, playing Ashlie Palmer, was accompanying me in the maintenance storage.) At round end, as I was told, SueTheCake said through deadchat "Jump to Sukri", and proceeded to spawn as a spaceworm head in a fire locker, which ended up eating myself and Bughunter66, of which had interrupted the roleplay between Bughunter66 and myself. If the round needed to be ended, a restart would have been a better choice, in my opinion.

Evidence/logs/etc: No text was recorded, as it was the end of the round, however people may be able to say something about what happened.

Additional remarks: Bughunter66 has messaged me on Byond, saying the worm thing had irritated him aswell. Apologies to Sue, if it was another staff member who did this.

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Yes, it indeed was me who did this, and since you feel so strongly about it, I'd like to apologize.

Given the way that the round progressed and the fact I was on the research outpost already, I figured it might be amusing to pop out of a locker and chase you both down. I was unaware you were in a long protracted scene of roleplay and it looked to me as if you were just hiding out; so if I interrupted anything, I apologize. I thought it would be funny given the circumstances because, at that point, I didn't really think there was anyone left alive and due to the way the round progressed anyone really roleplaying to that extent.

So again, I admit fault here, and am sorry for any annoyance caused as a result.

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I will add that the round had taken a horribly unserious turn at this point. ERT were briefed by an alien queen, then NT sent a strike team after the ERT dying, then a syndicate team after the strike team died (to not having hardsuits in a depressurized environment). Clowns were also running around (though that was my doing).

We try not to fuck up, and respect other people's RP as much as possible. But when horribly trolly things are happening all around, mistakes can be made. I'm not saying they should be completely excused, but these might be attenuating circumstances compared to the usual.

There is one thing I have to say against Sue, however. Which is that she's a dev, not an admin - consequently, unless she's running an event herself, she should be relying on admins' judgement and directives to alter the round, not her own (she could simply have asked). Because of the way things are now, she does not have the responsibilities of an admin, and thus should not be entrusted with the round-altering powers of one. Plus getting admin approval would protect her from accountability of things such as complaints like this one, to say nothing of people going "you're a dev, devs shouldn't abuse their powers to alter rounds".

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