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Usiki's cane

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BYOND Key:Fire and Glory

Character name:Usiki Guwan

Item name:Inscribed Silver-handled cane/Carved cane (The latter for if the former is too long.)

Why is your character carrying said item to work?Usiki lost his arm in a particularly violent traffic accident, given his work on the NSS Exodus he decided that it was get a prosthetic arm or have his ability to do his job severely impeded, and with his Guwan status, his job is one of the few things he really has, so he elected for a prosthetic, unfortunately he's really bad at using it, for most (active) tasks it'll either overshoot, undershoot, or just twitch a bit, so he was advised to get a cane, the practice of planting the cane in the ground and swinging it for the next step would help him get more control over the arm, and if he is going to be actually using his arm and thus getting better at control, then best let the object that it's used on be something made of wood without too much value instead of something more delicate.

Item function(s):It's a cane, it lets you club people, walk without a leg, look like a civilized gentleman, the works.

Item description:This silver-handled cane has letters carved into the sides, one side says "A new and better life", to those who can read it, the other side repeats the phrase in Sinta'Unathi.

Item appearance:



Might be hard to see but both the held sprite and item sprite are brown, and there aren't any sprited carvings because it's too small.

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?Usiki has a certain degree of audacity regarding how he treats his Guwan status, given that he can't really get the shit beaten out of him since he doesn't live on Moghes or Ouerea, Unathi crew can probably see the connection between his status (Guwan and CMO) and the writings on his cane and have their opinions altered accordingly, it'd help prompt the topic of what it exactly means, what a Guwan is, and why Usiki is a Guwan from non-Unathi crew, having a cane with more then a few details also shows a certain commitment to using one, thus helping prompt the topic of why he has a cane, especially since he walks fine without one, and opening up RP about his prosthetic.

Additional comments:I took the liberty of moving the interaction question further down because it's awkward if you explain what you'll do with it before you even say what it is.

And for those with foresight, I did do testing involving how the cane works against medical's white tiles as well as the grey station tiles until a decent result came up.


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It is what I get with a regular cane, really, the main focus is on the former part.

Namely Usiki being a complete ass with his Guwan status because he can get away with it, flaunting it around as if it's something good that happened to him rather then the extremely serious punishment it's meant to be, in hindsight the people it's most likely to piss off would probably be other Guwan's, given that it's probably the worst thing that ever happened to them.

So yes, main focus is on the carvings.

EDIT:I probably should've included something along those lines in 'Why is your character carrying said item to work?' to keep more attention on the carvings, although how he customizes it isn't why he's bringing it along so I didn't feel it'd fit.

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