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Dionaea Lore: What's next?

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So. While I've been working on writing things for Dionae (nothing released yet - more of possible events and stuff, nothing that matters right now) I feel like I've been neglecting the more... public side of the lore.

And so, what I'm saying is, this is a new feedback thread. I've had requests to write about possible Dionaea spirituality/beliefs, and that's coming, but...

What do YOU want to read about? What would you like to know about the species? What do you want to see with the Dionae?

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I'd like to see more accounts of feeding events.

Do gestalts ever invade planets and start consuming the forests and fauna for biomatter?

Also military conflicts. Being peaceful makes you look like an easy target, there's got to be a few people who have attacked them.

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I don't think too many people would care for the trees that don't take up any space, and aren't hostile.

They literally build their own planets and require nothing but light. Only conflicts would most likely be unfortunate first contact events, that won't escalate into wars, because the Diona don't give a rat's arse.

Please don't force them into the same mold as every other sentient species.

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This is essential.

It is a core part of dionaea lore that has been neglected again and again.

Ahem, but yes, I agree with Skull on this, Dionaea are really weird and play by their own rules, that's their thing. They shouldn't have to fit into the whole Space-Opera-Species-Architype thing everyone else has got, because that's boring.

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I don't think that space opera archetype is boring so much that, the originality and far out story of Dionaea are what make them great. Echoing Ten and Skull, no need to put them in conflict with others for the sake of conflict. I do have a criticism of my own, I really miss their old lore where they were Skrell 's oldest ally and best/most reliable friends. I really miss the bro-tier relationship Skrell and Diona used to have. But, I also have to completely admit, Dionaea are the weakest race for me lore knowledge wise, and I'm still studying them following your changes. So I apologize if any of my criticisms were imprecise to the lore.

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Clarification. Didn't mean to say that the archetypes are boring, just that having all of the species, dionaea especially, fall into them would be boring. They're archetypes for a reason, but having something different is what makes it more interesting.

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I would generally like to see Dionaea more in inter-species diplomatic relations. Being creatures that stray away from conflict, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to rationalize that certain gestalts could go into politics and establish themselves as moderate peace-pushing/loving icons.

Not to say that they should be shoehorned into politics perse, but it would hurt the pride of a diona more if they just sat back and allowed war to happen amongst their favorite fleshies.

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