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Planet Griffon VI

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Planet

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2386

Region of Space: Rim

Controlled by (if not a faction): Independent

Other Snapshot information: Griffon VI is a small, mars-like world located on the Rim of Human space, featuring a mostly breathable atmosphere with a few noxious components, and a active magnetic field.

Long Description: Griffon VI is a small, Mars-like world located on the Rim of known space, featuring extreme temperatures, ranging from 90C to -10C, a mostly breathable atmosphere with a few noxious components, and a somewhat active magnetic field which allows for some life of simple cyanobacteria and protozoa.

Colonized by a ship full of intrepid people looking to make a fortune out in the void, Griffon VI has a single city and several outposts, plus various mining outfits. The capital city is called Fortune, and the outposts are nameless.

Griffon IV is otherwise unremarkable aside from the vast wealth of He3 and various Engineering corporations located on in the capital city, and a small majority of all He3 that is used in the planet's local area around the Rim is mined there, and since the planet is also rich in Deuterium, it is a ripe candidate for testing and construction of fusion reactor assemblies, since the fuel is cheap and plentiful. Several heavy engineering companies laid their claim here, Olympus Heavy Engineering, Halcyon Reactor Construction, and Bullock Assembly Conglomerate.

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While it's not my place to say, I don't think we need every single character on the station that has their own slice of the galaxy to themselves. Not everyone has to stick out from the rest, either.

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I made my own planet called Ferrax Prime for the Inn family, but I since then removed it when I found out that there's other planets I could use instead? Simply because it's already a part of your character, doesn't mean you can't retcon it away. I mean, it's not like we all share what planet we're from to every person ever, and even then it's often not that huge of a thing to the character; meaning that it's not very memorable. Just my two cents on the situation.

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And you're more likely to get more RP out of it because there might be some people who were born on the same world your character was as well, or was affiliated with some faction before being employed with NT.

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"It's part of my character" is not a valid argument in any way.

The character ought to be build with respect to the lore, and not the other way around. Doesn't that go without saying?

Also, you're missing out on the best part; interacting with people from your home planet.

I absolutely love meeting other Martians/Lunatics, whether it leads to chit-chating about specific places that are not part of the lore (schools, museums we visited, etc. that we basically make up on the spot) to making the game really awkward for people who decided they come from the planet, but didn't even bother to learn the capital's name.

Either way, it can be a priceless helping hand in attempts at small talk - which I personally find the most difficult part of the game.

My point being, giving up on your own planet may be desirable from your standpoint, too; you'll soon find very few people care to listen silently through yet another snowflakey backstory. A more casual one allows for interaction.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I apologize for the delay and denial; without something making it stand-out, it would be preferred if your character's backstory was put on an existing area, rather than having your own planet.

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Denied for the reasons stated above. If you have any further questions regarding the denial, contact myself or Senpai Jackboot.

Locking and archiving.

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