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[Accepted] Biesel Robotics Incorporated

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Biesel Robotics Incorporated

Est. 2384

Executive Management:

CEO - Analkih Za’reed

COS - Gabrielle Alesei

FCO - Seane Axel

Middle Management:

Mechatronics Div. Supervisor - Alli Kalihat

Biomechanical Div. Supervisor - Krashi Ja’labate

Advanced A.I. R&D Div. Supervisor - Jarrod Kroshon

Mechatronics Div. Foreman - [PERSONNEL WANTED]

Biomechanical Div. Foreman - [PERSONNEL WANTED]

Advanced A.I. R&D Div. Foreman - Silvia Howser



There are three main divisions operating under Biesel Robotics Incorporated. Mechatronics, Biomechanical, and Advanced A.I. R&D. Each division is specialized in both equipment and employees to properly complete its assigned duties; all division complexes are fitted so to be swiftly optimized to fit new objectives, as is often the case for the R&D department.

Mechatronics Division

The Mechatronics Division is one of BRI’s top-producing and most-requested Divisions. With a varied array of customers, from private military organizations, to the average consumer, BRI’s top-of-the-line Utility Mechs are sure to satisfy every customer’s needs; from Advanced Military Exo-suits, to a standard APLU Utility Mech. On Biesel, there are a total of five state-of-the-art Mechatronics Production Facilities, two located in Mendell City, and the other three spread out across the Biesel country-side. On average, 55 Million Mechs are produced and shipped total each year from these facilities to Tau Ceti and beyond. To further benefit the customer, each unit is hand-assembled and hand-inspected by our highly qualif

ied engineering and research staff.

Biomechanical Division

Beisel Robotics Incorporated is also one of the largest producers in Tau Ceti of automated service units, or ASU’s. Again, with the same array of customers, from PMC’s to the average civilian. In recent years, new research has given BRI the ability to mass-produce military drones and androids. With the Nanotrasen Navy being one of their largest paying customers. Though the top-selling civilian service units, still remain the most-wanted product for all average customers. BRI’s top-of-the-line service units are produced with a pre-made and highly-secure law-set: to serve its owner to its best ability and follow all directives, while refraining from allowing any human to come to harm. Each unit is powered by a specialized Positronic Brain, with a personality that can be optimized to the customer’s needs. And with extreme security measures in place, it is near-impossible for any breaches to occur in the Brain’s law-set or personality. As per last years report, BRI produced and shipped approximately 253 Million Service Units, from tiny Spider-bots, to large, weaponized Military Drones. Of which, only 870 thousand were decommissioned.

Advanced AI R&D

The most recently formed branch of BRI, the AAIRD Division, is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction through-out. While in addition, providing research and technology to those who are willing to pay. Nanotrasen is one of the largest mega-corporations with a foothold in the AAIRD Division, being one of Tau Ceti’s main manufacturers of Artificial Intelligence Units.

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Okay so, I looked at the application format like I should've done first and realized that my character Mike Axel is a member of middle management. Does this conflict with the "no characters with leadership roles" rule? Really, his only IC job is to maintain the mechs tropics facilities, he's not involved in major decisions for the company.

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It does conflict.

NT wouldn't hire someone who already has a corporate management job.

They could be recently transferred/fired/quit

When that is cleared up, this application will be accepted


Alright it's not that big of a deal, we'll say he's transferred to NT, I'll edit a few things and be done with it. Also, I think Seven is referring to the Fed Republic of Biesel

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