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Iskanz Sal'Dans Open Blog

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Under construction.

About Iskanz Sal'Dans

I'm a scientist and ordained Warrior Priest of Sk'akh currently working on

robotics and bio-mechanical augment technologies within Nanostrasen.

I am happily married and my children do a great service to my clan and

the Izweski nation. Contact me if you wish to discuss anything you see here.

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Though I do not agree totally with their methods the Mariziite Order are right to carry out the Great Spirits justice. We cannot have foul magics corrupting the bodies and tools of the Unathi. I pray for all those souls taken in for trial, may those who are innocent find swift absolution and those that are guilty fall under the blades of the noble Mariziites. My condolences to houses Ickza and Yiztek, your houses are known and great. ~Translated into Tau Ceti Basic

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If we look at the scriptures relating to the ordaining and purification of objects, weapons in perticular, we can see and extrapolate a ritual or series of rituals in which to ensure synthetic limbs and implants are rendered pure in the eyes of the three, specifically, the ritual which beseeches the three and encourage the dwelling of the spirits of old within.

If we take these rituals, we can adapt them to focus less on welcoming a spirit which sits alongside the three, but on drawing the spirit of the maimed warrior on which the augument will be grafted, making the synthetic limb an extension of the soul.

Using modern Moghean-unathi nano engraving techniques we can carve holy scripture into the components of the synthetic limb and, after being blessed, assemble the limb to unathi specification. Each limb would be tailored for each unathi as per scripture.

I am currently in debate with like minded religious scholars on how the scriputres and holy wards can apply in this case but it looks very promising.

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About Azala Guwan

I am a Roboticist working with Nanotrasen on the USS Aurora.

I got my bachelors degree in Robotics at Mars University, graduating with honors. Currently working on my masters degree while working aboard the station.

I have no particular religious leanings, and don't personally have much stake in the issue of 'do robots/synthetics have souls'. However I am happy to provide factual input on the mechanics and assist in crafting Mr. Sal'Dans thesis on why they have souls. As I am vocal in the rights of synthetics.

I am single, and I am a loyal citizen of the Izewski Hegemony. I was raised on Ourea colony as an orphan.


With myself and my credentials out of the way, allow me to discuss the topic at hand. The following is assuming that a soul exists, and that each living being is born with one.

Let's begin with a wounded Unathi. With our example Unathi let us assume he fought in some great battle and lost his right arm. The question I pose to the religious community is that is this Unathi less of himself then he was before? Meaning where within the body do we believe our theoretical soul to reside? Does it lie within the heart, our brain? Or does it emanate throughout us? When we lose an arm, do we lose a part of our soul with it? If that was the case, does a Unathi that has lost a limb count as less of a Unathi?

In my opinion, the answer to the last three questions is of course not, and the idea of such is ridiculous. Although this Unathi has no more right arm function, they still have the same mental facilities (theoretically, ignoring the obvious effects that a battle has on even healthy Unathi) and physical abilities in all facets but that arm. The effects of losing a part of one's soul would be draining and apparent. For if you believe in a soul, then a soul constitutes our very being. Personality, emotions, thoughts, faith, beliefs. A armless Unathi lacks in none of these fields simply because they are without a arm.

So if you agree in the theory that a Unathi without a arm does not have a damaged soul, what is the issue with a prosthetic? Even without Mr. Sal'Dans's suggestion of extending the soul into a prosthetic (which would follow the 'soul emanates throughout our body and is tied to each piece' theory) a prosthetic should cause no offense. It is not detracting or hurting the Unathi's soul in any way. As with or without the prosthetic their soul is confined within the same body. The prosthetic doesn't change this boundy, and doesn't need the inhabitation of a soul in the first place. We design prosthetics to be a tool to assist those who are born without limbs or have lost limbs. That is all they are, tools. We don't need to claim that they are part of the body, and we aren't trying to say that they are natural. Cosmetically speaking, humans sometimes use synthskin to disguise it simply because they find it more appealing. That doesn't change the fact that it isn't their natural arm, it is a tool. I have a prosthetic leg, since I was born without one. I have no feeling in it, and it does nothing besides keep me balanced and help me move around naturally. Without it I would be forced to hobble around with a cane if I ever needed to get somewhere. My theory is simply this, a prosthetic is not any more offensive than a cane. It is a tool used to help the injured go about their day to day business. Because it is a tool, the concern of it being welcoming to a soul or not is void.

Prosthetics being stigmatized because they cannot continue our soul is ridiculous idea because prosthetics aren't trying to be real natural limbs. No artificial limb can truly replace a limb that is lost. Even if we one day created a artificial limb that had biotechnology that replicates nerve endings and let you feel sensations through it, it will always be intrinsically different. You could go about the process of inviting the souls of our ancestors in a artificial limb if you wish, as it wouldn't be any different then inviting the spirits into your blade before going out to fight.

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After a pilgrimage back to Moghes to assist my colleagues in terraforming projects I have returned to Biesel and to my work station to discover what can only be described as an infestation by Aut'akh guwan heretics. 

As many know I've always championed the teachings of Sassan which demonstrate that it is possible for injured or deformed Unathi to utilise specially constructed and blessed augments.

What I do not condone or indeed what I cannot in good conscience abide is the intentional maiming of the soul with unnecessary augmentations so one can commune with an AI and call it Sk'akh. Such is the existence of the Aut'akh. Heretics of the worse kind. I warn all noble Unathi to stay well clear of these damned souls as propriety demands. 

If you must come I to contact with an Aut'akh during your work day remember to be brief and to the point, keep eye contact as they are your inferior and where possible ignore their damned presence. If you are troubled that you may have become tainted by their presence do not worry as your faith protects you however if you are still concerned please do seek out your local Sk'akh Priest who will be able to help.

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