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[Completed] Robert Dalton - Black Overcoat


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BYOND Key: Valkrae

Character name: Robert Dalton

Item name: Black Overcoat

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Robert wears this coat while going about his various other activities, so it would make sense for him to wear this coat to work as well. It's sort of like an everyday coat that he wears.



Item function(s): Being a coat. It could possibly be slightly armored, If that's feasible. As Robert deals in some criminal activities.

Item description: A black overcoat. It seems worn, and well-made. The coat smells of tobacco and smoke.

Item appearance: It would just be the armored trenchcoat that the Head of Security gets, only not armored, and completely black with some detail colors.



Additional comments: I would love for it to be armored, but I'm not extremely adamant about making it armored. Would it be possible to attach to a jumpsuit, or attach it to body armor? Then it wouldn't need to be armored itself. I'm not adamant about the armored aspect though, as stated before.

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