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[Withdrawn] TishinaStalker's Lore Dev Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: TishinaStalker

Position Being Applied For: Lore developer

Past Experiences/Knowledge: Throughout my life, writing has been one of my passions. I like to think that I am great at what I do, as I try to make my readers feel invested in the story. I'd like to believe that my most recent story for my Creative Writing college course presents it. I personally feel like I can make a great lore dev because once I pick up momentum in my writing, then I don't stop until I finish, and am generally able to crank 10 - 15 pages in about 2 hours.

Examples of Past Work: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X6kLyKOshsF8_rVtUKjkVJvE_B_EcNIlNamsAfSJNJE/edit?usp=sharing This is a twelve page story I wrote, titled This War of Mine. Following the month a family of five spent in a city under siege. It was partially inspired by a video game of the same name (the events of one of my plathroughs is what I wrote this on), but more written by the fact that war has been something that has always disturbed me. Especially when cities come under siege because, as the video game says: In war, not everyone is a soldier.

Preferred Mode of Communication: Skype and Steam.

Additional Comments: I think world building is something I can do perfectly fine as I have DM'd many campaigns before with various TTRPG systems, but never once did I ever use a default setting provided by said system. I have always created my own settings with its own, unique towns, religions, people, politics, etc. I absolutely /love/ writing. If you give me a writing task, then I will jump at the thought, and get to it as soon as I find some relevant music to help me pick up momentum. I feel like I could actually do good for the lore team thanks to this as I enjoy completing my tasks almost as much as I enjoy writing.

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We're not currently looking for new devs. But I'll keep this app open for now

I don't see anything wrong with adding new people and the ideas that he and Ffrances race are very important to make clear. I think we should add him. We should be open to applications like this. They offer what I think is a good perspective on what exactly players actually care about and want. They are also more willing to be consistent, something important, in that they are actually willing to ask hard questions, criticize what they think of as problems, and change things. If some aspect of the lore is bad and kept only because of inertia, the longer you wait to change it the worse it will get. The foundation needs to be solid. Just rip off the bandaid and get it over with.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I've recently been promoted to loremaster, and am considering your application. However, I'm going to be adding two questions to the apps, and would like you to answer them for the sake of precedence:

What part of the lore do you want to work on/intrigues you the most?

How well do you take (constructive) criticism?

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