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PumpkingSlice - 12/18/2014 - 9:30PM to 10:30 PM - EST

Guest 1138

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BYOND Key: OneOneThreeEight

Staff BYOND Key: PumpkingSlice

Reason for complaint: Event Host power abuse, general chucklefucking.

Evidence/logs/etc: Evidence/logs will be posted by Valkrae. Follow-up logs in msay will also be posted.

Additional remarks:

Right. Let's start off what went on in the round around 9:30PM EST. The round was extended, Rechalov pitched an idea of CC psychologists coming and going to evaluate the crew of the NSS Aurora. Pump was given permissions to allow us to become CC representatives and, well, provide interesting RP.

We got set up, we left the Odin and landed on the station. For a little under an hour we (Rech and I) hung about doing our job and putting the pieces together for this little puzzle we had going on. We walk into the CMO's office and give him a briefing of why we're here and etc, etc. I do see Runtime being possessed by someone, as was evident by the log of Runtime climbing on the table in italic red text. I shrug this off and think it's kind of funny, and I go on my merry way.

Next up, a quadrapedal, nonsentient lizard barrels into medbay and gets ruthlessly brutalized by a sec borg. The sec borg was merely performing anti-vermin procedures or whatever. The lizard did bite the borg once. This slightly annoyed me, but I shrugged it off once again.

Another lizard comes barrelling down the medbay hallway yet again, nearby reception where I and the other CC Psych are speaking to Doctor Essel. A sec borg gives chase, and is bitten repeatedly by the lizard (controlled by Pump, who else) yet again. The borg neutralizes the lizard. At this point, I'm pretty pissed off. I adminhelp what's going on. Dea responds, claiming that Pump will be held to the same standards as everyone else.

The problem is that this is not a one-time thing. Pump has abused his power as a temp event host before. He has, with some intent, willingly chucklefucked and flaunted his power about.

Hey, you know what. I made mistakes too. When I was a head, I abused my power and I got punished for it, justly. The problem is: How is it that when someone who is consistently underneath the microscope and is often subject to criticism, and has no power to flaunt in comparison outside of bitching in OOC about inane problems, how the hell can we set standards that puts everyone at an equal level where no one is above the rules, and then we decide "Oh, okay, this guy was my war buddy or whatever, so I'll let him get away with murder."

The staff has said REPEATEDLY in teamspeak, over, and over again: "We enforce the rules justly and equally. No one is above the rules, if person A is shit, we're going to tell them they're being shit, and punish them if necessary. If B is being shit, we're going to tell them they're being shit, and punish if necessary."


Lizard bites HK-DR35!

Lizard has been attacked with the the stunbaton by HK-DR35!

EventHost_Mod PM from-PumpkingSlice: I don't see how it's chucklefucking? I asked for permission and put myself in a lizard to then roleplay with phoebe.

PM to-Dea Tacita: I'm going to file out a staff complaint despite whether or not this was solved. The fact that Pump is not held to the same standards and rules as everyone else is, is appalling. The fact that it's been defended before pisses me off as well.

Moderator PM from-Dea Tacita: I was simply informing you. I'm not defending him in any-way. We're doing our best to hold him to standards at the moment however.


I mean, what the fuck? Really? Pump was GIVEN permission to be a chucklefuck? Pump was given permission to willingly break immersion because he was fucking BORED?

How do you willingly enforce the rules and punish some people for breaking a rule THAT IS CLEARLY AND CONCISELY STATED IN THAT LITTLE TAB IN THE RIGHT HAND CORNER, and then decide certain people don't get punished for breaking the same rule? How? Where is the professionalism and the impartiality in this?

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Pump was simply given permission to RP an animal, Scopes did not give him permission to "Chucklefuck" and we trusted him to act appropriately. From what I've seen, he betrayed that trust with this Un-RP behavior, which broke immersion. I'm fully for punishing him in some manner in response to this happening yet again.

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Okay, this is interesting. Now, while I will admit to occasionally assuming control ofnnon sentient mobs, like carp, lizards, mice, and the like, I have never actually broken immersion by doing so. This leads me to believe that Pump doesn't entirely need the powers he is being given, and also a question:

Why does he have them? I get that it's temporary and for his mini events, but instead of doing them at random for no real reason and have no structure, (Also risking this to happen) we can we specific dates that pump wants his event ran and make sure we have someone with permissions to edit him to event host.

Giving someone nearly equal administrator powers for an indefinite amount of time doesn't seem like a good idea, unless we know we can trust them with their powers, which from this display, shows we cannot.

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Right, I want to drive this in the direction in the way where the issue is not pump directly. This is fucking inconsequential. I don't care if he chucklefucked.

The fact that the rules are not enforced fairly and equally for each and every individual, regardless of stature or contribution to the community.

Pump. I love you, man. Not everyone is exempt from mistakes, I understand that. I just don't want you to suffer more from further consequences, nor do I want anyone else to either. I want everyone to love and tolerate each other here. But people gotta speak up when some wrongdoing is occurring.

I feel like the current Administration just feels so intimidating and overbearing that speaking up is a fucking nightmare. I don't want to feel bullied out of speaking my mind, even if I am wrong. If I, or anyone else is wrong, call them out on it. Complaint board exists for a reason, yeah.

Admins have godlike powers relative to SS13. They aren't exempt from mistakes, though. I don't anyone to pretend as if they are. Hell, when we make MISTAKES, we point out what happened, why we thought it was wrong, we laugh at it, we move on.

I just don't want this server to go to hell in a handbasket because the staff and playerbase conflict because of the lack of communication.

Please, just PLEASE. Don't take this as "Pump is literally Hitler." Pump made a mistake, he and I talked this out.

But I want this to serve as an example... for people to realize that they are people, and they should treat others the way they want to be treated. I don't wanna be treated like shit. I'm not going to treat people like shit as a result, or at least I'm going to make an effort to not to.

Equality for all, hokay? Let's all hug each other, realize: "Okay, this is what I've taken from this thread, and move onward to become better people and lead by example and make people better as a result!" and move the fuck on like the troopers we are.

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Okay. So I was given permission to to be a lizard, however everything after that was on my own shoulders. I was not given permission to chucklefuck. I was told off for it and was given a warning. So I do apologize about that and I understand what I did was wrong. I have spoken to Delta about this and I do believe we've both come to an understanding of what was wrong.

I would like to know where I've abused my power before as the only time I've had event host is whilst hosting an event. I've only held the event host title for this week due to the canon event I am doing. I have only used my powers for when I am doing an event. I have not used my powers for anything else without seeking administrator permission (e.g. doing things such as moderating where a name change is required)

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Right, so, yeah. We bros now.

Anyway... so. The goal of life? To be better people. How do we do this? To strive to be perfect. The paradox in this, is that no one alone can be perfect. It's not possible. Nope. Can't happen... but.

This is where other people come in, you know. A person cannot become better alone. It's extremely difficult to even break a bad habit by yourself.

Other people influence others to become better. Break down the bad parts and build up the good parts of you.

That's all we need. We don't need to feel afraid of each other. We need to feel more cohesive and moving as a community. No, we don't need to assimilate everybody into our amazing collective hivemind of awesomeness.

We just need to lead by example and be excellent to each other. Only then can we truly advance as amazing people.

Thanks, that's all I gotta say. Thank you, all of you, for being there for me, for us. For everyone.

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