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The Glass Ceiling

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Jokes aside the multi Z-level visibility is cool enough but currently the best we have for having a walkable surface you can look through is metal rods

I suggest simply making glass a viable bridge material

from a game balance standpoint you can make the arguement that mining would have an easier job procuring sand to make glass bridges,but mining also has an easy time getting steel from cargo or from smelting, so I don't really think that will be an early game gamebreaking issue...especially because it would make for shitty roleplay to just go out there and lay glass tiles to get that sweet juicy out of reach phoron

Glass floors could be a good stepping stone for a couple of security ramps,such as having xenobiology or virology holding cells be one Z-level below the main level so there is less risk of breakouts or contamination while still allowing for visibility of the cell,could also be cool for the brig or other observation platforms

basically it would make the station cooler while giving minimal advantages mechanically

I still do however think it wouldn't be a bad addition to be able to make glass see through floors

even without rebuilding and restructuring the entire station just adding glass floors as an option would be grand enough for a first step

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