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Dalek Gamemode


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After finally getting round to watching the Peter Capaldi seasons in the background of so many shifts, I've gone made some notes in my bluespace book of infinite suggestions for a Dalek Gamemode! (tried spriting a dalek as well but even something that simple looks so terrible when I do it; did a search for daleks and only found a retired dev rip)

So we know Daleks are just out to exterminate all non-Daleks, they've got an energy shield and a laser (which could vaporize when hit), they can hack doors and have varying optics. They don't need to breathe and could jetpack about. They're also slow and could be opened up to find the actual squishy alien dalek inside, so the actual shell could be a kinda mech that could be worn if engineered first (gotta move some bits around or else it will potentially kill the occupant). Most importantly, they could have an exterminate sound effect.

Ok if they went about vaporizing everyone then it would be savage but they'd be slow and have to recharge their laser giving folks time to get away and they'd pretty much just end up being bombed but it could be fun, what do y'all think?

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As amusing as Daleks might be, I don't think the should be put in the game as anything more than a discoverable easter egg, like digging one up in Xenoarch. They are the intellectual property of BBC, and I don't think it's really right to do more than make a knowing wink towards them. Making an entire game mode based around a primary antagonist of Dr. Who without even a pretense of flavoring it as something else seems like it shouldn't be a thing.

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Maybe have the gun be weaker, yes I know its a 1-hit in doctor who, but realistically that would be the most powerful gun in the game and even ERTs would be no match for someone who can aim. Otherwise it seems like a pretty good idea, you could also have a doctor who with a sonic screwdriver that can interact with stuff like a AI can and they have to convince the station to trust him to "close the blue-space anomaly" which is responsible for the Daleks.

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Yeah it wouldn't be a normal game mode, just for the odd occasion where people actually voted for it. I'm sure since this a non-profit they'd be happy for the homage, then again it is the BBC isn't it. Digging up a a dalek would be awesome and is definitely a better idea than having daleks as a full gamemode. If it reactivated when touched with bare hands, just like that episode in one of the newer Dr Whos, and then was just a feral mob exterminating everything with a weaker laser (yeah you're right 1-hit is defo a bad idea maybe they could repeatedly shoot to vaporize or something that takes time). Though if properly dismantled could be a great mech to ride around in (the hidden agenda behind this stoned suggestion).

A Doctor Who gamemode where there'd be a timelord like Ben said would be a bit like a wizard variant and could be loads of fun on it's own or with daleks and or cybermen etc.

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