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Add the drum-mag shotguns to cargo

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Okay, there exist drum-mag shotguns. They have either 8-12 shots (can't remember which, either amount is fair) and are magazine fed in a drum. They're are the coolest dang thing ever but they're shelved as admin spawn only weapons even though they are not that OP to begin with, comparing with weapons like the terminator flechette gun or the BFG9000. It's a very tame weapon for the most part.

I suggest adding them through cargo but making tweaks to ensure they are less accurate and have more spread than regular shotguns do, and have heavier recoil. The mags themselves can be added to the autolathe to produce but they shouldn't spawn with munitions. You can then use shotgun ammo speed-loader boxes to reload through into the magazine, which is already supported by the whole reload mechanics thing so no need to worry about making code adjustments there.

This would make an actual use of what are seemingly unobtainable filler weapons that never made their way into an actual form of gameplay perspective. They do spawn occasionally in the vault safes, but who opens those regularly? The last time one was spawned was during the antag contest during the final week of the event.

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