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Make d6 and the coin a new loadout


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We have the d20 as loadout, but don't have the d6, the description could be something like the d20, or the same thing, but d6.

The dice can be used to make small games and to resolve small disputes that envolve 2 or 3 people.

The coin is the same thing, he can be used to resolve disputes between 2 people with the head or tail.

The description could be something like "Too insignificant to buy anything" or "Why would someone even want that?" or "To resolve small little disputes".

They would be in General as the d20 i guess.

I actually don't understand why we have the d20 but not the d6, yes, they can do the same things but i don't think it's normal to walk away with a d20, the d6 is more common.

I mean, why not implement the d6?

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"We write the year 2457,dicegames have been almost entirely overtaken by the much more popular 20 sided dice,the ownership of coins (who have become obsolete after the introduction of the galactic credit) or smaller dice is mostly for novelty or absolute nerds who play D&D like nerds"

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