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The State of Medical


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I'm not one to whine and bitch or even file incident reports but I've been in medical 10 times in recent memory where I was mistreated 8 of those times

This needs to stop


"just clone them" is not an addage you should follow if you decide to click "medical doctor" as your "High" priority job

Got it?

just this round I was a Vaurca and they just instantly cloned me,they didn't bother to take out my transplants and reimplant them into my clone,they didn't bother to hand me a phoron tank,the janitor bot pulled me out of the cloning tube and then I suffocated for 5 minutes and died in great pain from suffocation and poisoning

the other Vaurca was told to be cloned and then stuffed in the morgue and forgotten

This is not proper conduct,neither was it the last 5 rounds I played

If you get a proper Treatment it shouldn't be an amazing experience it should be the norm

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Vaurca have been known for exactly a damn year by all other species.

Do not expect medical staff to understand properly, how to treat you - it takes them 12 years to learn in school just how to treat humans and other aliens. Personally, I have no idea how to handle vaurca.

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Nah nah nah, man. This isn't just a Vaurca problem. That very same round they couldn't even understand what to do with me after they had cloned me and I was a human.

It's completely unacceptable for anyone in any position (save for medical resident) to have absolutely no idea what they're doing with ANY species. If you are playing the character and you don't know procedure by heart you need to have the wiki open in the background. Hell, I've been doing surgery and know all the procedures by heart, but you better bet I have the Surgery, Medicine, and Chemistry guides open all of the time.

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but you better bet I have the Surgery, Medicine, and Chemistry guides open all of the time.


Yup. This. Learning human medicine starts with opening the wikis. Vaurca medicine I understand not knowing. Like, I would not know how to clone a Vaurca even knowing that I need to remove stuff and put it back in. The best I can do is hope someone else knows.

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I agree, as the other Vaurcae stuffed in the morgue, this is more than an IC issue of not understanding a different species, this is gross negligence. The Aurora is a high state of the art facility that NanoTrasen wouldn't hire a doctor if they didn't know surgery, or atleast BASIC treatment on the species serving aboard the station.

Literally not even bothering to clone people, and leaving a recently clone patient in a back room unattended as they slowly suffocated and died a horrifying toxin filled death is NOT what a doctor would do. Would they know the specifics of everything? No, but this goes beyond to other scenarios as well. They would atleast try to fix the scenario or make sure they recover.

Further, even situations as a human medical is incompetant regarding treatment, and are prone to ignore the dude dying and bleeding out, with the motto of "just clone them". Medical needs to improve, and at least pretend to care about the well being of your crew, and show a desire to figure out what to do instead of not caring and "Just morgue or clone em!"

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It could theoretically be solved IC. Literally stopping and telling someone that blatantly has no clue what they should be doing and what you're doing and why (I'm putting the patient in the sleeper and administering dylovene, an antitoxin) can help. Though that's a little weird, admittedly. Writing it in LOOC is also an option.

But the problem is, if someone's bleeding out on the floor you don't have time to write out what they should do and why. That's why the people that are good at medical are just good and the people that are bad at medical rarely improve without applying themselves and finding outside sources. I remember learning what each medicine did by looking at the sleeper panel while a doctor was working and noticing that certain medicines caused certain numbers to drop. But that's just how my brain works, I can absorb that information at one glance.

People can't learn like that. And so the cycle continues of "just clone them, I really have no other solution".

And that's really what this comes down to. Medical is growing with people that don't know how to play medical, and that means people are going to die. It needs to be balanced out with people that know what they're doing so they can teach even just a little bit.

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It could theoretically be solved IC. Literally stopping and telling someone that blatantly has no clue what they should be doing


Well most of the time when it's an issue you are not medical staff or your character has no medical knowledge so they don't know they are blatantly beeing mistreated

Update,just went into medbay with a mild poisoning,was injected like 6 times and suddenly died

then instantly cloned which is nice in theory if it weren't for the fact I'm Vaurca so I was soon suffocating

so it's 9/11 times now

was stuffed in a cryo tube,all is well,then pulled out without a phoron tank,suffocating again,put in again after voicing I needed a phoron tank and pulled out again with still no one handing me a phoron tank where I almost died,and had to manually climb back in or else I'd have died

so yeah,even after knowing what to get they pull me out of cryo to suffocate


that's good

If you are Vaurca you might as well play Pain RP because if you actually go to get fixed you are playing Cryotube RP

Again I don't blame the individual player if it's literally every round with all kinds of players

it's the curse of medical

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That was a rough round, Diggey. Like holy shit. How do two Vaurca Bound explain exactly what they need? If they don't have an Akaix or knowledgeable Senpai to speak up for them, to tell the doctors off for mistreatment and to just call up the right people, they end up, as you said, with one in a cryotube and the other trying to take away the ONE phoron tank Engineering brought because they need it as well.

In other news, eating K'ois foods until you can't any more is only effective up to a certain point. Once you hit the cap, you literally cannot keep up with the need vs the inability to eat any more.

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