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Really serious gameplay affecting Vaurca Complaint


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When you pick the mandible garment in your custom loadout you spawn with one,but not on your face,in your backpack.

You have to quickly switch it out and toggle it on before your character breathes in or you suffer from toxins,this means your body aching all over,of course that goes well with the general feel of Vaurca,but please no

I don't want to have to go to medbay every round to ask for antitoxins and roleplay beeing in pain for...what reason exactly?

My Vaurca got on the shuttle transfered and din't put on his mask,then he got to his department tried to quickly change masks but was too stupid to hold his breath?

Yeah,this sucks roleplay wise

a lot

Please,if we have Mandible Garments equipped,autoequip them on us like you autoequip vests and pants and watches and everything else

I don't want to rp an idiot who can't hold their breath

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