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[Accepted] 0mm0 Antag unban request

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BYOND Key: 0mm0

Totalban length: 2 weeks

Banning staff: Skull123

Reason of ban: Playing to win, Not familiar with rules

Reason for appeal: I deserve the ban that i got, but not for two weeks. Over the week that i have not been playing Antag i have revised the rules of all roles and also the server rules. This is too assure that this will never happen again. Also it was my first time playing the role i was playing so i did not have good knowledge of what i was doing. But now have very good knowledge of what to do as all Antag roles. I was banned for the reason of killing a Revolutionist without enough evidence apart from the fact that he was racially abusing other crew members{i was head loyalist}, which was a wrongful mistake that i made. I made this mistake because i was not familiar with the rules surrounding the Antag role that i was playing. But since then i have made myself more than familiar with all server rules along with Antag rules. The prisoner should never have been put in solitary for the fine fact that he was abusing other crew members which was not my decision and i should not have killed him for the reason i killed him. As head loyalist or as an Antag, your directives are to go against the crew, which in my case i was not doing, i was also informed that Loyalist and Revolutionaries can work together which i completely ignored by me saying "There against the crew we must kill them immediately." whic completley goes against the roles of antagonists.

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If you can explain to me what was wrong with the original situation, sure. To be specific, why answering, "I killed this guy because he was obviously a rev [while you were a loyalist]," is absoloutely not valid here. Specially with the context of the situation in mind (the dude had insulted a few Taj and was in solitary for some reason).

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Slightly off-topic commentary, I'm guessing Skull stepped in as an admin during a dead-hour time and applied this ban since no other staff were available? It's fine whether or not it was the case, just asking.

And if it's alright with him, once an adequate response comes from the OP [mention]0mm0[/mention], I'll see about lifting the ban.

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[mention]0mm0[/mention] It's about half the answer I was looking for. To get the other half, let me just direct you a little: according to da wules, what's the purpose of the antagonists on Aurora and how should they play? And how did your answer of, "They're on the opposing team, so obviously I must kill them immediately," go against that mentality?

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Point one, please actually post replies from now on. It's difficult to track what you've added and what was already there with the way you're doing it now.

Point two, you didn't answer my question to a level where I'd be content with it. So I'll ask more bluntly: what is wrong with saying, "They were the enemy, so I killed them," in a situation that not a already at a lethal point. Keyword: what is playing to win and why is it bad.

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By saying "they were the enemy so i must kill them." shows that i was playing to win (That i have no regard for the actual purpose of role playing, which is why its against the rules since this is an ERP server) [mention]Skull132[/mention]


Ahah, yeah. Funny you should say that, we ban people who ERP. It's against our rules, if you've taken the time to read them.

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I'll sleep on this, but the answers provided leave me a on the fence about this.

They're not bringing forth as much understanding of the spirit of the rules as I'd like, instead they lean towards just chanting what is good and what is bad. Which isn't really a great way to treat the rules: they exist for a reason, figure out that reason and rephrase it.

Anyways, as said, will sleep on this and check back in about ~8 hours after I've gathered some outside opinions.

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[mention]Skull132[/mention] The rules exist to stop people from greifing the server and stopping people that stop others from getting the best role play experience. What i did which was Kill someone without a good enough and break multiple rules. Which is almost definitely greifing the server. But i did not intentionally mean to grief and or stop anyone from getting the best role play experience.

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I don't think you're really going to get any better answers by simply sitting out the final 4 days. So I've lifted the ban. I do hope you've actually understood this stuff a bit better than your phrasing goes, as otherwise this'll simply end with another antag ban.

[Pro-tip: read the rules before toggling your antag stats again.]

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