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[Accepted] Server Moderator Application - TheDocOct

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Server Moderator Application

Basic Information

Byond Account: TheDocOct

Character Name(s): Lily Kadel, Halogen

AI Name(s): Assistant

Preferred means of contact: Discord

Age: 17

Timezone: Central Time, UTC-6

When are you on Aurora?: Weekdays I am generally on server around 8:00 PM to 9:00 or 10:00 PM, and occasionally later. During weekends, it can vary greatly depending on personal plans, but I would be on around 1:00 PM to 12:00 AM with breaks, normally.


How long have you played SS13?: In total I've been playing SS13 for three to four years (my memory is fuzzy on an exact amount).

How long have you played on Aurora: I have played on Aurora for around a year and a half, to my knowledge, but I probably only began playing regularly since May of this year.

How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: I'd like to say I have pretty extensive and well rounded knowledge of how the game works and how to do most things, though there are a few roles and therefore mechanics that I've never touched before (such as research roles).

Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: Unfortunately, none.

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: On this server, I don't believe so. I was given a three day security ban from paradise for shooting someone I believed to be a changeling, who wasn't, around two years ago.


Why do you play SS13?: Absolutely one of the primary reasons I play is for role-play. While my standards for what exactly that is have changed (obviously, since I apparently considered it to be paradise at one point), I think that one thing is what has brought me back for these several years. Having an environment to create a unique and enjoyable character to play and be able to interact with so many others is pretty unique to space station- I don't think I've ever heard of another role-playing environment coming within a stone's throw of 50 players, and that alone creates something unique that I appreciate from it.

Why do you play on Aurora?: Aurora is, by far, the most enjoyable RP server I've played on yet, and that's not just on SS13. Aurora has a great community and easily the best staff team I've met, and I keep playing both because I enjoy it and because I want to do my best to contribute to it.

What do moderators do?: Moderators are there to maintain a certain standard of play on the server they moderate. For different servers, this can mean different things, but any moderator Is expected to be there to help players and guide them in their time on the server, to inform people of and enforce the rules, and to overall ensure the server remains the environment that attracted it's players in the first place.

What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: For the most part, it means assisting with day-to-day questions and ensuring the rules are being followed. This could be answering questions about game mechanics, what a player is and isn't allowed to do, helping a player determine if what they want to do it reasonable ICly and OOCly, or could be more along the lines of keeping an eye on a shady looking assistant dragging a welder tank around, or notifying a player about keeping OOC out of IC and vice versa. In general, moderators on Aurora are there to help people and nudge them onto the right side of the line.

Why do you want to be a moderator?: To put it simply, I want to help contribute to the server. I believe I'd be capable of fulfilling the position, and there's be a noticeable need for it, so I'm more than happy to put myself forward for it. Having been on the server for quite a while now, I'd like to be able to give back to it in this way.

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: I've worked quite well as a member of a group or team in my past experience, and I'm always open to learning new things. I believe I have quite a bit of patience for people, both for those who simply don't understand things or those who are openly trying to argue against them, and in general like to think I have good judgement when it comes to the rules.

How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I believe I handle anger and insults well when it comes to maintaining composure in order to deal with an issue. I'm by no means perfect, and can certainly get upset at times, but I like to believe I'm fully capable of being able to see around insults and angry words in order to come to a solution.

Anything Else You Want to Add: I'd just like to close by saying that I greatly appreciate the consideration regardless of how this application turns out, and that I'd like to do my best to help contribute to the Aurora community that's given me so much entertainment over the past year or so. Thank you for reading.

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TheDocOct's interview:



Alberyk - Hoje às 22:36

In your own words; what is the goal of the aurora server? What do you think we are looking to provide with the server?

Doc - Hoje às 22:38

In general I think aurora is hosted and run to provide people with a place to enjoy and roleplay at a certain standard. There are plenty of servers on space station, but not many of them aim for the kind of roleplay aurora offers and I think that the goal of the server is to provide that opportunity for people to find and enjoy.

Alberyk - Hoje às 22:39

What sort of standard do you think we are aiming for, or at least, we should?

Doc - Hoje às 22:42

Well, a large portion of that is pretty well described in the title- 'Heavy Roleplay'- but that can have different interpretations to some people. I think a good description of that standard, in my eyes, would be that the creation of and participation in a story is valued over the pure mechanics of the game, at least in the overall scheme of the round.

Alberyk - Hoje às 22:43

With what you said; what is heavy roleplay? And what is considered roleplay in general? Is it taking in consideration far more than the mechanics of the game itself?

Doc - Hoje às 22:49

When I was first introduced to 'roleplaying' it wasn't actually in the form of a game or a roleplaying server, but actually with a friend doing 'collaborative writing,' where we each picked a character and wrote the 'book' around them, and I think the general idea of that is still pretty much why I enjoy roleplaying to date. The enjoyment and fun doesn't come from "playing the game" as it does from what the player does and how they write their character through it, especially in a community full of likeminded who are all there to write the story of the server together through their actions. Heavy roleplay, in particular, is as I said pretty subjective. There are many server with many different interpretations of what roleplaying is and how which standards should be described and so on, but in the case of Aurora I would have to say that heavy roleplay implies that it is the primary focus of the experience- the reason why 'ganking' or other use of game mechanics that is allowed by the game, but not by the environment we want to create on the server, which also pretty much answers my input on roleplay versus mechanics.

Alberyk - Hoje às 22:52

Right, I see. So, do you believe that in enforcing said standards, should staff take more in consideration the rules or the limitations that the game already has in place?

Doc - Hoje às 22:54

The rules, definitely. The game itself usually prevents the most absurd breaking of realism and maintaining an idea of belief, but it definitely wasn't designed specifically for our standards, and so the staff have to take up the rest of the ground that isn't covered.

Alberyk - Hoje às 22:55

Moving into other subject; What are your thoughts on the server and community present state?

Doc - Hoje às 22:58

Well, I've found myself coming back and enjoying it for the better part of a year now, so I can pretty confidently say I appreciate it a lot and how it's been able to maintain its standards that make it the community I enjoy. There's always rough times and rough people, but overall I definitely think the server and community have been well run, and that's really one of the reasons I've decided to apply- to help contribute to the server that I've been able to enjoy for so long.

Alberyk - Hoje às 22:58

What do you think is the most urgent issue, community management/rules wise, that ought to be looked at?

Doc - Hoje às 23:05

The issue that I've seen come up most often and with the most contention is generally the issue of defining exactly where the rules lie when it comes to the use of force. This is generally well handled on the sides of antagonists, especially those that literally have to use force to progress at all, such as in the case of changelings or vampires, but most of the issues I've generally seen come from security. There've been numerous instances where I've seen incidents that end with parties on both ends arguing about who had the right to do what and, often, why it was allowed to come to the mess it generally ends up as. A lot of this can, usually, be attributed to people being upset in the heat of 'losing,' but that doesn't mean valid points aren't brought up. I can't personally say what changes 'should' be made, or even if much can be done, but it's definitely the issue that I've seen come up relatively often, over a long course of time, that I would say could use more open discussion about.

Alberyk - Hoje às 23:06

One last question; if you could change anything in the staff/server/how things are done, what would it be?

Doc - Hoje às 23:09

Personally, I think the staff team itself is considerate and effective in managing the server as it is, but when it comes to how things are handled in general, I feel like a more open way of discussing topics like the kind I just talked about between the staff team and the community at large would be great. Discord is a very good way of having open discussions often and easily about those sorts of things, but once the conversation is over it disappears into the ether and anyone besides the five to ten people present for the conversation doesn't have a very good idea of what the staff team might think o

-Or how it might already be changed or dealt with, and that in itself can lead to the staff team not even wanting to discuss it after it's brought up for the fiftieth time. A formal suggestion could always be posted, but I feel like that's a hard way to have an open discussion about broad topics where there may be many different ways to handle things, which is generally the exact opposite of how a suggestion thread is supposed to go- focused on one suggestion and the pros and cons of it.


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