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Rex Winters' Engraved Wristwatch

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BYOND Key: tailson

Character name: Rex Winters

Item name: Engraved Wristwatch

Why is your character carrying said item to work?: It was a gift from his late son decades ago, it hardly ever leaves his wrist.

Item description: A fine gold watch. On the inside is an engraving that reads 'Happy birthday dad, thinking of you always.'

Item appearance: I've attached the finished sprite in DMI format, is that okay? Also attached the gif version in case I'm a fucking idiot and imported it wrong. Here's a blown-up preview:



How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?: It's a significant part of Rex's history, and due to the nature of the job he has to remove it occasionally to put on gloves or activate his hazmat RIG. He tends to hand it to someone closeby for safekeeping. It just adds another layer to the character that people may want to ask about.

Additional comments: Honestly this is kind of a selfish request in a way. I always start with the normal, red wristwatch and it just sort of sits there being a normal watch, it'd be nice to have it stick more closely with Rex's past.



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