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[Resolved] Kalren Halstere metagamed all over my LARP session.

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BYOND Key: ajstorey456

Game ID: bQQ-dhHm

Player Byond Key: brutishcrab51

Staff involved: pratepredidenten

Reason for complaint: I was waiting for about an hour for the special round to end preceding this one. Game loads up, I've rolled cult doctor, cool! AOOC, what's our gimmick? We find out there's a wizard, double cool! How about we're a couple of LARPers, with the Wizard as our DM? Cool? Cool.

We in character meet up in the library for a session we were planning, start to roleplay out our words (My character's name is *Jatkaa* and he is *Joining* the party from a life as an urchin), a few of the cultists are having a hard time understanding what we're talking about, and then suddenly, all of security is here.

It started with a borg, asking our DM why he didn't have an ID. Every single person at the table told the borg that we were IN CHARACTER, the DM was NOT ALLOWED TO BREAK CHARACTER, and he would have to ask another time. Literal moments after we tell him this, in comes the HoS, Kalren Halstere, hounding down our party member who is a Security staff about not being on patrol duty 6 minutes into the round. He told her he quit, handed over his ID, gun, taser, etc, then we TRIED to continue the LARP gimmick. Halstere and the borg left, but like, 10 seconds later, about all of security swarmed the library. Including the aforementioned two.

We start using our Secret Nerd Code Language (,f) to coordinate that we will be regrouping and having our session in the construction level, as to have some peace and quiet so we can just get our session going. Lo and behold, Halstere shows up for seemingly no goddamned reason, asking about one of our talismans. "Why do you have a paper with blood on it?" Two of us answer: Crayon! Then the wizard polymorphs him and now we're at a point of no return. We all summon blades and chop their head off, but of course, the AI was watching too, and now its a wave-by-wave battle at the elevator.

The following events after that included some gank, which was my fault because of my panicking, but it could have all been avoided if Kalren didn't stick his dick in our throats and decide that we're scum on earth for trying to play DnD and following us end-to-end around the station, giving us no room to breathe or even get the round going. Everyone was pissed, the admins, the people we killed, us, and we really didn't want to murderbone just about every security and some civilians that came in our way, but it devolved to that because we were getting hounded and frustrated by one HoS,

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No, I thought my cultist ally was doing so. It was my fault that this was neglected, but we WERE asking admins about it all game in AOOC.

Approximate Date/Time: 10/8, 4-6 PM EST

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I'll talk about this here, seems there was an issue.

I spoke to the Security Officer with you guys because he wasn't in uniform, and other Officers had made mention of that. I told him to get in uniform, and get on patrol, and he refused, citing his resigning. That was that, I even brought him a new ID card.

Then, an Officer, Zhou Chen, stumbled across the Librarian locked in their office with blood on the ground through the cameras. I didn't even attend, I just asked the CSI to look into it, and told Chen to keep the area locked down. We didn't even suspect the 'LARP' group, which, notably, was accompanied by a Wizard with no ID.

After that, I was rounding about in Security, talking to people. Captain Nathan Corvo suddenly reports in, "Lot of people going up the lift, that's weird." And so, as the Head of Security, I say, "Well. I'll go take a look, see what's up.", lo' and beholde, I wander up the lift alone, with no weapon out, in a dress uniform. I talk to the 'LARP' players (Cultists and the Wizard), get ready to wander off after they stated the paper was just crayon (Given the CSI stating that similar drawings were blood, I had valid reasons to be suspicious), and then I get shot with a polymorph. I didn't even realize it immediately.

And then, you guys drew your swords and went to town. I honestly can't hold you accountable for it, you were concerned I was attempting to valid-hunt you (I wasn't). Personally, you guys jumped the gun and went straight for the kill-switch as opposed to talking it out. After you explained it was just 'crayon', I was about to head back to the lift. Hopefully this explains what happened, I didn't intend to ruin your round for you.

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Now that I've had about a day and a half to calm down, this is understandable. Though, with the borg and everything lining up to give us not even a moment of privacy, it really felt like we were being hunted from the start. We probably would have let Halstere leave, if it weren't for the polymorph tossed, but once that happened it was seemingly time to go loud.

Shit rounds happen I guess.

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