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Guest Marlon Phoenix

What the rule means is that just because you write something doesn't mean it's automatically canon. We probably won't exactly CARE about too much, but it's a safeguard against writing a fanfiction then trying to enforce it in-game. If you want something impacting lore write it out in a lore canonization.

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The forum was intended as a speculatory forum.

I've noticed people on discord often talk of speculation how things could have happened, what character would be cool and how they imagine a person in history would act.

But on discord you can't really expand on it, thus the forum, stories that are posted there as previously said won't be taken as de facto canon but for example Cake, could look there, see a nice Synthetic speculation fanfic and go "Yes, this is an interesting idea I like it," and put it in the game if he feels like it.

It's a way to go "I have this fun story in mind and I want to put it down somewhere," without having to put it on some kind of special fanfiction website where NORMIES might see it or perhaps a story about someone who isn't your character, speculations about past events or fantasy stuff that has nothing to do with SS13 in itself but you just want to show off your writing abilities.

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I see, I see. So if I wanted to write something like a work day involving another person's character and then they read it and they decide "Yeah, that could have actually happened" it could become their own canon but if I wrote the story of how Glorsh and Madam Skrell wanted to have many robot-skrell gene spliced children... It shouldn't ever actually be referred to in any way as though it happened. Which would be ridiculous, just saying, but it popped into my head as an example.

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