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[Accepted] Unban appeal for an unknown ban

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BYOND Key: Hjelmer/(Says "yonglongdong" on the login screen)

Total Ban Length: Unknown

Banning staff member's Key: sleepywolf

Reason of Ban: Attacked someone, killed them, threw them in disposals. Logged when contacted staff.

Reason for Appeal: The banned account (yonglongdong) isn't mine and i do not have other accounts apart from Hjelmer.

I have not even played anything Byond in many months as the start of my studies and moving to a new apartment has limited my freetime.

I do not know if the fact that i live in student housing with a shared network might have something to do with the matter.

I would very much like to play on the server again and hope for your understanding.

There isn't much else i can say as the information on the login screen is pretty much all i know.


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The ban is not IP related and because it's not IP related there is only a little under 1% chance of it being a false positive, and the reason you provided is only workable under certain conditions relating to the IP address specifically being banned. And so far it has nothing to do with it being a shared network. Pretty weird, right? So what's really up, exactly?

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Yes, i do think it is pretty weird and i have no clue what else i could say as i have absolutely no idea why i've been banned in the first place.

The only information i know is the prompt i get when logging in.

What is the ban based on if it isn't based on the account or IP?

I hoping theres some way we can sort this out


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The computer has been assembled by me, but some of the components were purchased second hand. GPU and PSU recently.

It is in my personal use and no one else apart from my girlfriend has access to it.

And regrettably she doesn't play ss13.

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