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[Accepted] New Religion [dodekatheon]

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Religion

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): N/A

Region of Space: Sol System

Controlled by (if not a faction): N/A

Other Snapshot information:

A new system of beliefs emerged with the re-discovery of sacred text buried in ancient ruins within the human homeland of Earth. It was a philosophy-based religion, personifying human morale and beliefs in the form of twelve powerful deities. These deities preserved the ideas of humanity's innovation, honor, tenacity, and existence. In a time when people were looking for enlightenment, a few turned to these ancient scripts. Some viewed them more as a documentation on philosophical outlook, others see the deities to really exist. Communities started small and grew into established groups, relying on the ancient text and converting lore and ideas to apply for modern times. The term Dodekatheon comes from the fact there are twelve gods and goddesses, and temples have popped up mainly across the Sol system of Mars and Earth.

Long Description:

It's not easy to be respectful of real-life religion within a game like SS13. Using real world religion can sometimes create tension, and my goal with Dodekatheon is to avoid that. Most species have their own unique religion, and I wanted humans to have an option of a non-existent religion. Dodekatheon is inspired by greek mythology, and can serve as an option for people who don't want to be affiliated with a different belief.

The Twelve Dieties of Dodekatheon

Name: Athene

Form: A female ancient-earth warrior dressed in gold, with an owl.

Domain: This is the goddess of wisdom, justice, pride, and honor.

Duty: Give strength to the weak, bravery to the fearful.

Name: Apollo

Form: A male dressed in robes, likely carrying a musical instrument

Domain: This is the god of light, art, enlightenment, and medicine

Duty: Gives encouragement for studying into science, math, and medicine, showing light to the path of learning.

Name: Diana

Form: A female dressed in robes, likely carrying a crossbow (or a gun)

Domain: This is the goddess of darkness, silence, nonexistence, and stealth.

Duty: Protects through deception, followers see the light as blinding and only the darkness holds truth.

Name: Nepaton

Form: A male god cladded in blue

Domain: This is the god of monsters, voyage and exploration.

Duty: blesses people with wanderlust, and sends challenges to people to overcome. History says he sent monsters to warriors and had them defeat said creatures, but most interpret it as fighting an inner monster, like ego or greed, so they may avoid eternal suffer in the afterlife.

Name: Tartarus

Form: A male god on fire

Domain: This is the god of pain, suffering, and death

Duty: Holds onto the souls that lived evilly, giving them punishment for wrongdoing.

Name: Spartakus

Form: A male god cladded in armor

Domain: This is the power, command, and tenacity.

Duty: Inspire people who wish to become stronger or rise up the social ladder. IT was not so much of right and wrong, but of being the top dog.

Name: Ceres

Form: A female goddess adorned with plants and flowers

Domain: This is the goddess of nature, both plants and animals.

Duty: Protect resources and use them wisely, and not be wasteful.

Name: Vulcan

Form: A male god carrying a hammer

Domain: This is the god of craft and tinkering, and forging.

Duty: Covered building, crafting, and anything Apollo didn't cover. Where Apollo was theory, vulcan was applying the theory.

Name: Hermes

Form: A male god with winged sandals

Domain: This is the god of luck, thievery, and gambling

Duty: To the other gods, he was a pain in the neck. He favored those that could get their way, as long as it was clever and not evil. Never followed rules, and did as he pleased.

Name: Dionis

Form: A male god carrying grapes

Domain: This is the god of celebration and ceremonies

Established the festivals and ceremonies that are held on holidays. He's in charge of the sanctuary of the temples.

Name: Aphrodi

Form: A female goddess in robes.

Religion: Dodekatheon

Domain: This is the goddess of love, marriage, and relationships.

Duty: paired up people in love. Couples would go to her temple to seek blessing if they wished a solid, happy, relationship.

Name: Hestia

Form: A female goddess carrying a torch.

Domain: This is the goddess of family and children.

Duty: guarded children within the family, protecting them from harm.

As there are twelve gods, each god became related to a month of the year. Being born in that month was treated like the zodiac.

Janurary - Nepaton (month of new beginnings)

Februrary - Aphrodi (month of love)

March - Hermes (month of 'carpe diem' or living in the moment)

April - Spartakus (Month of seizing opportunity)

May - Ceres (month of growth)

June - Apollo (month of summer days and enlightenment)

July - Diana (month of summer nights and quiet time)

August - Athene (month of duty and pride)

September - Vulcan (month of balance and reality)

October - Tartarus (month of making amends)

November - Dionis (month of celebration)

December - Hestia (month of family)

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