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[Denied] Moderator Application - Ferguson

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Server Moderator Application


Basic Information

Byond Account:JFerguson

Character Name(s):Antony Kell, Rennek Drakkiv

AI Name(s):

Preferred means of contact: Discord



When are you on Aurora?:Inconsistently but up to 10 hours at a time available on the discord, infrequent on the server


How long have you played SS13?:A Year

How long have you played on Aurora:Maybe 5 or more months

How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?:A healthy amount and more as I have hosted my own server publicly and learned every single admin tool

Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?:I have experience with the tools and not the people

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?:No, but my behavior constantly stretches the potential for it.


Why do you play SS13?:Because I enjoy trying to find new dynamics to approach situations with and to interact mostly with people

Why do you play on Aurora?:It's the first and really only server I've ever really considered worth time, in my bookmarks it's called ' good ' because of the fact other servers allow things like murdering boning; or has a lot of unchecked authority doing pointlessly abusive things; aurora maintains a good balance but still has some leeway for certain behaviors and personality

What do moderators do?:Maintain the balance of the games and chats, by interjecting when possible to elevate the stress of a situation off of players and by handling things so it doesnt result in a punishment being required; the most effective moderator utilizes no tools and only mediation

What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?:a chance to be a new member of the community, holding some level of responsibility would likely drive me to be a more well rounded member of the community; i personally have run communities ( i promise this isnt one of those empty anecdotes ) full of people, some of the largest going up to 16,000 and i have been burdened with the behaviors of others and have had to constantly keep people in check; some sort of drive is what keeps me focused on maintaining my own behavior to a strict but sensible level.

Why do you want to be a moderator?:it would be a good opportunity to show the community what i am capable of besides making a bad character meme and shitty behavior on the discord; aswell as a way to occupy myself in the many hours i have free.

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?:A nearly infinite availability and the ability to mediate exceptionally well.

How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?:I separate things very well, being ontop of the food chain in prior situations has taught me to absorb everything into a separate space to deal with and personally review later; in a potentially inflammatory situation my focus is to constantly prod the issue patiently and with nothing but an inquisitive nature

Anything Else You Want to Add:

I hope you can see past the obvious undisciplined behavior and i demonstrate on the regular as an obvious slacking personality; it's a means of mindless entertainment when you're not tasked with anything and review only the capabilities of me as an admin as i describe here and not the examples of my obviously poor behavior; but would not fault anyone for taking that into account as it is apart of being an admin to have a reputation.

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Well, your issue here is that you've got a very inactive record on the server itself, as you yourself cited and have had numerous negative interactions with staff that have for a lack of better terms, put you on thin ice. I'm not very partial in supporting this application for the two previous points, but I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

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ultimately if i was in your position, with the information you had i would be inclined to be against it; i would of infact not of given my post a chance, i am unfortunately a lot more critical in circumstances like that and i wouldnt doubt anyone for seeing it that way.

in terms of activity i've always been a community driven person, i cannot really play games for my own benefit or amusement because they become dry and lose any sense objective, which is why after i essentially learned all of the controls, the mechanics, the game modes and the people; i lost interest in the activity and returned only to try and approach the departments differently but failed because of the naive and ambitious nature of my ideas.

i disappeared randomly one day because of the fact i lost interest in the game; it was difficult to do the same thing over again because of the lack of responsibility which normally drives me in other games.

i've almost always, in every adventure maintained some level of power or responsibility and over zealously accomplished my goals and objectives, i actually host a regular arma community and have to direct people on voice chat on a regular and i am known as the most serious and no nonsense person; there is an obvious disconnect when i participate as a player, one that always drives me to become bored of the game for the same reason.

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what also goes against my benefit is lack of character variation, i've only made two characters and almost never stray from the simple comfort of engineering, my roleplays are almost always typically the same and i generally go out of my way to be a reclusive character with anti social traits which again isnt unique or very impressive; i think my strengths lie in my ability to teach people things; over the time ive played ive introduced atleast 25 people to the game, though many people find the game difficult a few people do stick to it and end up forming their own path on aurora like cameron, leigh or pope.

i think thats mostly where my strengths lie, my excessive need to teach and demonstrate so that people can experience things and thereby vicariously finding enjoyment through theirs.

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DaBurs: only crybaby bitchs cry about icky ocky, let the admins handle it themselves

Kyres1: dont you have a headapp burs

DaBurs: yeah want a link

Kyres1: nah i was just saying that calling everyone crybaby bitches probably isnt the best way to get it through ._.

DaBurs: I didnt call everyone crybaby bitches

DaBurs: just people who cry about icky ocky

Echotango23: we are crybaby bitches tho

Presidential: u guys are banned for IC in OOC

Voyd2000: Banhe

JFerguson: no ples don ban i am good boy

JFerguson: if u give madmin i can be goo boy no icking in ocking

Menown: no

NursieKitty: protip insulting people in ooc is a real quick way to get a mute

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+1 He is a pretty cool guy, the crybaby bitch thing was an inside joke between the two of us, we're actually buds. Anyway, he's pretty much the polar opposite of me (meaning good) so I think he should get some kind of shot. I mean, thats what trials are for right?

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No. The staff run trials for people who they want on the team for certain or those who have a substantial chance of showing how good of a job they can do. My impression is that if such a chance were given to Ferguson, it would be very quickly used up. Their projected hostility and quick-to-anger mindset is not something that would benefit the team nor would it benefit the community at large.

We don't run trials for more-than-substantial flight risks. There would be no point in doing so.

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While we do thank you for apply, I'm still going to have to deny this application on a few points.

1) Your activity, it's very minimal and sporadic. You touched on this point and it does have merits, it's simply the fact that being part of the staff team means pulling your weight and sporadic activity is not something we find as a merit. Promised activity is also not something we operate on.

2) You've had quite a few negative interactions with staff that required intervention and/or administrative action, which has put some demerit to your application. I've already touched on this point with you before in this thread.

Don't take this as something to discourage you from applying in the future. In fact if you are able to address these issues in the future, I do encourage you to apply.

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