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[Resolved] Player Complaint: Morris - exe.cute

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BYOND Key: Vrow

Game ID: bQ3-cbKh and Other Rounds. Most recent one being bRc-dk4l

Player Byond Key: Morris - exe.cute

Staff involved: This has not been ahelped.

Reason for complaint:

From all my previous interactions with Olive Edwards, at the very least, are concerning. A 30 Year old Surgeon who consistently forgets his Sterile Gloves and Sterile Mask during surgery and autopsies, and whose consistent behavior feels more like an unbelievable inconsiderate ass than a general human being, who more often than not states his boredom when there are nothing to do (while simultaneously not observing the Medical Console) when everyone’s healthy and appears to not react to pain at all. And that’s only my IC interactions with him.

OOCly, it doesn’t get any better. In the Game ID, he’s mentioned he had worked as a Chemist once in an extended round, as if that made it canon that he (as a Surgeon) can perform Chemistry for all other rounds. (At around 00:30 into the round - https://i.imgur.com/bKBUlmj.png ). He also seems to completely disregard that a Paramedic cannot do Internal Organ Surgery from other rounds. (https://i.imgur.com/mNiNFnY.png )

In the most recent round, Morris doesn’t seem to react at all to the fact his lung has collapsed, and showed no reaction other than “no fuck you” to the IPC that was armed with an axe and shield, attempting to hit them with a cane several times and continuing even after being cut back.

Morris doesn’t appear to give much consideration for RP, such as neglecting being in pain and ignoring/disregarding standard corporate procedures, unless it’s the literal last thing he can do (and even then, there's no regard for pain.)

Overall, I don’t think that Morris plays with the Heavy RolePlay factor in mind, and I don’t think I’d have been this bothered by this sort of thing decreased over time, but it didn’t. This behavior is consistent to most (if not all) rounds I have played with him.

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No, because I’ve shrugged off this behavior as a minor thing that would have, hopefully, decreased over time.

Approximate Date/Time: bQ3-cbKh - 20.10.2017. bRc-dk4l - 30.10.2017. This behavior is consistent throughout rounds.

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I'll start with saying that you should indeed be ahelping these incidents. Letting things fester only cause things to get worse.

Now, before giving out any judgement, I'm going to wait on giving out any ultimatums to hear their defense.

However, I'm still going to address the points cited here. A cursory glance at his record as a player has shown me 24 distinct entries by staff, five of which are "active" warnings along with numerous role bans, honestly, I'm kind of surprised they don't have a permanent ban at this time but I'm sure the acting staff have better context than I do currently.. Some things cited in this complaint has already been dealt with, namely the chemist and age matter so no action will be done to those.

It's very likely this will end with an ultimatum to shape up towards the rules we have, but we shall wait and see their reply.

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Alright, the dead line has ended and they haven't placed their defense.

In essence as I've cited before, they have a substantial amount of notes, warnings and bans. At this time they have 25 entires, the 25th being an ultimatum placed due to this complaint.

On their next gross violation of server rules in the near future, they will receive a permanent ban. If they wish to remain and play on the server, they'll need to shape up and act accordingly.

Locking and archiving.

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