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[Accepted] Little Adhomai (WIP/Discussion)

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System):Republic of Biesel(To be debated)

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable):

Region of Space:Tau Ceti

Controlled by (if not a faction):Local businesses and organizations.

Other Snapshot information:

-Mainly inhabited by Tajaran.

-High poverty area

-High crime area

-Poor living conditions

Long Description:

On the outlaying districts mainly inhabited by minorities and criminals alike, there's a small cluster of blocks called 'Little Adhomai.' While mostly Tajaran live here, it has been known for other species to find home here and embrace Tajaran culture. The block was not so much founded, but grew into the way it is today in an organic manner. Due to the cost of living to be cheaper in this area, many Tajaran with low paying jobs found homes here but so did many organizations who saw many an opportunity in this outlaying district to set up businesses and various networks to keep themselves in a position of power. As many of them had the same idea, it has been known that fights for dominance occur within the district. This can involve shoot outs but mainly revolves around espionage and silver tongues during business meetings and functions.

Many of the community members work together to celebrate Tajaran holidays, by having parades along the main streets with trade stalls selling holiday themed trash to unknowing tourists who come to get a taste of Tajaran culture, be it watered down in comparison to what you'd find on Adhomai.

Racial crimes have been known to happen along the outskirts of this district, where Human supremacists conduct raids on Tajaran ran businesses and lead marches protesting against the very existence of a district mainly populated by anything other than humans. Because of this heated climate along the outskirts, groups of Tajaran have lead marches of their own to appeal against Supremacist group who seek only to make the lives of the residents difficult. Though the group's intentions are mainly peaceful, a few Tajaran who have a strong dislike for humans have used it as a front to conduct their own raids against the human populace living within Little Adhomai, only worsening the worsening racial relations.

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